Are you struggling with supporting the health of the men in your life? You are not alone. When it comes to health, the average man pays less attention to his health than the average woman. The hardest part is, as women, we tend to tie emotional connections with our best intentions to support the men in our lives. So how do we help the men in our lives free the macho man mindset and live a healthier life?

Welcome to my June edition of Freedom 20/20 Series: Free the Macho Man.

Let’s get started!

Like women, many of the health issues men face can be prevented by positive lifestyle changes. Lifestyle medicine focuses on exercise, quality sleep, stress management, eating healthily, social connections, and limiting alcohol to support a healthy life.

But how do we get passed the “I don’t need help” macho man mindset? Or the “I am healthy without any of that fufu stuff,” or “Who cares about my gut when I have these biceps?”

The fact of the matter is most men don’t want to accept help even if their bodies have been screaming out at them for weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes men suffer from the macho man mindset or are just plain stubborn!

Are you tired of feeling like a  helpless bystander?  The struggle is REAL both for you and the men in your life.  You may not want to hear what is coming, but trust me on this. If you want to free the macho man mindset, you have to go through the back door because the front door is locked.  It’s the only way we can get in.


Tip 1: Ditch the Pride

I recently had a conversation with a gentleman who was visiting one of my classes; he was intrigued by the science behind essential oils. Our conversation organically moved to a discussion about exercise, eating healthily, and sleep. He committed that day to ditch his pit stops at McDonald’s and to walk daily. I received a call from his wife later that day thanking me for talking to her husband and helping him to see everything she has been telling him for YEARS.

Sound familiar?

As a wife and mother of four boys (and two girls), I had to learn the hard way that I may not always be the one they listen to about health. Sometimes the same EXACT thing I said just seems to sound so much better coming from someone else… or at least received better from someone else.

If you are willing to accept the fact that they are getting the help they need, you need to step back and accept that you may not always be the expert, even if it is what I do for a living!

Make an effort to connect the men in your lives with people who will positively influence their health and hold them accountable to make positive lifestyle changes. You can help free the macho man mindset!


Tip 2: Give Them a Sandwich

Men tend to get to a crisis point before they ask for help and they don’t like to feel vulnerable. They see themselves as strong protectors and providers. So what happens when they need help and they don’t want to ask for it? Give them a sandwich. That is right, the healthiest sandwich you can give them with all the extras.

Here is the recipe:

  • Recognize a strength and give them praise
  • present your corrective feedback
  • top it with another strength and praise

The method of delivery is commonly known as the sandwich feedback technique. When your words of concern are sandwiched between two good reports, it is more likely to be received without defensive action.


Tip 3: Be the Example

The way you live your life is a testimony to those around you. If you want the men in your life to change, you need to be the change you want to see in them. You are the gatekeeper of what comes into your home. If you want the men in your life to ditch the chips, get them out of the house.

You think he needs to relax more so shut off the TV and suggest reading for an hour before bedtime. Studies show shutting down the cellphone 30 minutes-1 hour before bed helps promote quality sleep.

Do you have a couch potato?   Its time for the men in your life to get off the couch and start walking so start walking with him.  If at first, they say no don’t give up after asking one, two or three times. Oh, and don’t pout if they say no.

Positive persistence pays off. Just keep showing up.  The bottom line is you have the opportunity to be the motivator.  As the phrase goes, you can only lead the horse to the water but you can make it drink. You don’t have to sit on the sidelines feeling helpless if you are actively living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t underestimate the power of your testimony.


Essential Oil Spotlight

Men will be the first to say essential oils are snake oil. Trust me, my husband was a skeptic until he started to experience the benefits firsthand. When the benefits of essential oils are presented in a way that focuses on the needs of the masculine mindset, it will be a permanent addition to any bathroom cabinet, gym bag, or briefcase!

I recall sitting at a dinner party table with a gentleman who seemed a bit uneasy as he nervously shifted in his chair. He pulled out a rollerball of Valor Essential Oil and began applying it to his wrists, arms, and back of his neck. Then he applied some to his palms and inhaled deeply a few times.  He smiled and glanced around the table and said “THIS is my FAVORITE essential oil. I am about to walk up to present to a group of over 250 women and I need all the help I can get.”

Valor is one of Young Living’s beloved essential oil blends for many reasons some of which include overcoming mental barriers and promoting feelings of confidence. Valor is a must-have for every man’s survival kit.


“A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow.”                     Richard Bach


How Can I Make Change?

Instead of trying to make a complete makeover for the men in your life, focus on little changes. Encourage him to:

  • Walk just 10 minutes a day (use RC essential oil to boost athletic performance)
  • Skip just one cup of coffee (Take a shot of Ningxia instead for an antioxidant boost and natural energy)
  • Reduce stress by just praying 10 minutes a day (Use Frankincense for grounding)

One day you will wake up and realize all those little changes helped boost the health of the men in your life.

CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU.  Schedule a complimentary positive psychology and aromatherapy session with me and mention Living Healthy List for a FREE aromatherapy inhaler  – Limited to the first 15 responses.

Take a moment to touch a life and remember Choose JOY.

Dr. Joy


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Dr. Callies is the wife of her best friend for over 20 years; she is a mom to four boys and two girls. She is the founder of JOYFull Inspirations, LLC, an author, homeschool educator, worship dancer, and joy-lettering journalist. She enjoys spending time with her family, sampling tea, leading joy-handlettering Bible studies, and creating healthy recipes in the kitchen.