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3 Ways To Prioritize Ergonomics in the Workplace

Take more control of your workspace today with these easy ways to prioritize ergonomics in the workplace, whether at home or in a business office.

4 Items to Discard During Spring Cleaning

For countless homeowners, spring cleaning is the time to do much-needed home maintenance. As we’ve previously mentioned, a few easy yet effective ways you can spruce up your house are replacing your air filters and touching up your exterior paint. Aside from these,...
Common Health Conditions and Ways To Manage Them

Common Health Conditions and Ways To Manage Them

Health conditions are a way of life, and they have been for as long as humans have walked the earth. Some seem attached to a geographic location, like malaria, or even a time in history, like the Black Plague. That said, new ages come with new challenges every day, as...
The Importance of Finding and Feeling Comfort

The Importance of Finding and Feeling Comfort

Are you constantly living outside your comfort zone? Explore the importance of finding and feeling comfort to enhance your life in many different ways.

Harness Your Mind’s Power with Mental Fitness

Do you often find yourself caught up in the fast-paced whirlwind of life? Are stress and reactive emotions getting the best of you, both at work and at home? If you're feeling disorganized, constantly on the move, maybe it's time to hit the brakes, slow down, and...

Get Denise Stegall’s Best Selling Book!

Cover of Healthy Living Happy Life book by Denise Stegall

Having studied nutrition, well-being, and exercise, Denise Stegall has built her coaching philosophy around a brand new, practical foundation: Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions, and Be Accountable. Denise’s book, “Healthy Living, Happy Life”, will help you find realistic ideas that you can use to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you!

Listen to the Wonder Series!

The Wonder Series is your weekly opportunity to look at your life from another perspective. To change your mindset and open yourself up to the possibilities that are around you. Who would you be, what would you create, and ultimately, how would that help you live a healthy, happy life where you flourish? Hosted by Denise Stegall, you’ll be sure to gain inspiration and new perspectives from this weekly podcast! 

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Brainz Senior Level Contributor: Denise Stegall

This is exactly what healthcare, wellcare and the online teacher need to find quality information and people who can help them. Having a name and a fee to the help I was looking for years ago would have been a game changer, and LHL is going to that for so many!! I am so excited to be there and watch all the magic flow!

~Suzanne Taylor, Life Coach & Wellbeing Mentor

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