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How To Stay Warm and Comfortable on a Mountain Hike

How To Stay Warm and Comfortable on a Mountain Hike

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5 Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Underwear

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What To Do if Your Illness Has Been Misdiagnosed

Have you received a serious medical diagnosis that turned out to be inaccurate? You do have options for recourse. Learn which steps to take after misdiagnosis.

Sleep: The Secret Weapon of Success

Sleep is often underestimated in its role as a secret weapon of successful people, yet many high-achievers have discovered that quality rest is a critical component of their productivity, creativity, and overall success. Getting enough sleep is crucial for maintaining...
Sweet Nectar: 4 Ways To Detect Fake Honey

4 Ways To Detect Fake Honey

Honey is a popular sweetener for many people, but not all honey is equal. Explore a few ways to detect fake honey and determine if yours is high quality.

Get Denise Stegall’s Best Selling Book!

Cover of Healthy Living Happy Life book by Denise Stegall

Having studied nutrition, well-being, and exercise, Denise Stegall has built her coaching philosophy around a brand new, practical foundation: Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions, and Be Accountable. Denise’s book, “Healthy Living, Happy Life”, will help you find realistic ideas that you can use to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you!

Listen to the Wonder Series!

The Wonder Series is your weekly opportunity to look at your life from another perspective. To change your mindset and open yourself up to the possibilities that are around you. Who would you be, what would you create, and ultimately, how would that help you live a healthy, happy life where you flourish? Hosted by Denise Stegall, you’ll be sure to gain inspiration and new perspectives from this weekly podcast! 

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Brainz Senior Level Contributor: Denise Stegall

This is exactly what healthcare, wellcare and the online teacher need to find quality information and people who can help them. Having a name and a fee to the help I was looking for years ago would have been a game changer, and LHL is going to that for so many!! I am so excited to be there and watch all the magic flow!

~Suzanne Taylor, Life Coach & Wellbeing Mentor

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