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Breaking Up with Negative Thoughts

Negative emotions are not good for your affect your mental and emotional health.  They negatively affect your body, zap your mental energy and lead to a number of health problems.   Hormone and chemical imbalances, especially those necessary for happiness are depleted...

Embrace Menopause and Make This the Time of Your Life

Let's face it - menopause is part of our lives! But that doesn't mean we have to suffer! We are not helpless when it comes to unwelcome side effects and long-term health implications.  You can embrace menopause and make this the time of your life.  I assure you, it is...

How to Use Feelings of Frustration to Your Advantage

Frustration is one of those emotions you can experience for so many different reasons. External circumstances that are not ideal for you or internal circumstances, like perimenopause or something that just isn't clicking for you in your inner world.  Whatever the...

Perimenopause and Leaky Gut Syndrome

In recent years Gut health has become trendy. We're taking probiotics, drinking kombucha both beneficial bacteria.  We are also mindful when it comes to food choices. Gut health is often called your "second brain," so it is crucial to learn all you can and get on top...

Three Words With The Power To Change Your Life

Change is difficult and it can be incredibly uncomfortable.  What if it wasn't so hard?  If I told you that there are three words with the power to change your life, would you believe me? These three simple words can change your mindset and perspective.  They Can...

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