As you work to reset and resolve who and what you want to be in this New Year, the reflective work necessary can be a real downer. Identifying the ‘positive’ things about yourself to enhance and ‘negative’ things to eliminate can be daunting.  However, if level up your mindset and embrace the negative the task is much simpler.

Most of us don’t like bringing the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that make us feel bad about ourselves to the surface.  You don’t want to poke a stick at your shadow side.  The side of you that appears negative to yourself and others feel funky, shameful and it’s in our nature to avoid them. But truth be told, you can’t. Not if you want to understand and move past them.  You can embrace the negative.

You’re Not Perfect. You’re Flawsome

So instead of avoiding the negative, it’s time to embrace it because here’s another important truth.  You are not broken or flawed or lost; you are simply out of balance. A great many things have pushed you off-center and left you stuck, but there is nothing to fix about you, just things to discover, adjust and realign.

This year, resolve to be the true you and level up your mindset, and embrace the negative to understand that you are not supposed to be perfect but flawsomeIt’s those imperfectly perfect flaws where growth happensWithout them, you really would be stuck. By working with your perceived negatives that you can evolve into the next best version of your authentic soul self.


It’s Not Negative—It Just Is

Those negative traits you try so hard to hide are essential indicators of your gaps within. They do not make you a bad or unworthy person, nor do they damn you to hell or a lifetime of unhappiness or discontent. Recognize them for what they are and stop criticizing and beating yourself up because of them.

Negative/positive thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are not bad or good. They are simply indicators of alignment or misalignment, and they are most valuable when observed and explored without judgment. When you experience a thought or action your corresponding emotions and reactions tell whether they are in alliance with your true self.  Serving your highest good or blocking you from the who and what you want.


Start Leveling Up Your Mindset

Leveling up your mindset takes time so give yourself some grace.  Here is a short article on how to work on those ” negative”  ie character flaws that you may find helpful, Once you learn to embrace negative emotions and use them as learning tools you’ll soon recognize your ‘weaknesses’ for exactly what they are—strengths that you still need to develop.