Happy New Year!  Well, almost…

If you are like me in years past you’re already stressing about your New Years Resolution.

Hmmm, What should it be? What is important to me? Do I need to start doing something or s stop doing something? How can I bet a better version of myself?

How do you avoid making the same mistakes over again and wind up in the exact same place a year from now?

These thoughts can go on and on until you pick something random to be your resolution. That doesn’t seem to be a great way toward success in 2022.

See what I mean, it’s stressful and New Years’ Eve isn’t even here yet.

Before you Make a Resolution Reflect on The Past Year

Before you make a resolution to do “better ” next year it’s vital to reflect upon the year you’re just lived and experienced.  Consider your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions the past year in a neutral and accepting way. No judgment.    Reflection is the key to self-awareness.

Sit quietly and think honestly about the things you did right!  What were the things that turned out well for you?  What were your successes?  When you have these thoughts on top of your mind then celebrate every one of them! Once you realize how much you’ve done right, you’ll better appreciate the good things in your life.

Without reflection, it’s too easy to forget these things and focus instead on only your failures.

This is where most of us begin with our resolutions. On the things, we didn’t do so well.  You may have had many small successes yet without reflection you’ll focus on your one failure.   You can read more about this in an article titled Reflect and Redirect for the Best Version of You!

I don’t know about you but when I disregard my successes and concentrate on failure my New Years Resolution will be centered on the one negative thing.  I will resolve to take corrective action or whatever it takes and overthink the issue. Which may not be that important in the scheme of things.

I’ll tell you the same thing I often tell myself. Stop thinking about it!  Resolutions do not work, anyway.

Instead, try something different this year. Read one to get the tips I shared in Brainz Magazine on Why New Choices beat out  New Years Resolutions Every Time.