Happy New Year! New Year, New You, New, and Improved. Each of these sentiments sounds refreshing.  Especially this year!  It’s time to reflect and redirect for the best version of you!

How do you avoid making the same mistakes over again and wind up in the same place exactly one a year from now?  What do you need to do?

To truly create a New Year or New You, it is essential for you to reflect on the year that you have just experienced.  Reflection is the key to self-awareness.  It allows you to look neutrally at your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions.

Sit quietly and think honestly about the things you did right!  What were the things that turned out well for you?  What were your successes?  When you have these thoughts on top of your mind then celebrate every one of them! Once you realize how much you’ve done right, you’ll better appreciate the good things in your life.

Without reflection, it’s too easy to forget these things and focus instead on only your failures.


What Happens When You Neglect to Reflect?


There is no forward momentum; you push through longing and discontent. Stay in a job that you hate and is killing you- at least your spirit.  You remain in unfulfilling relationships, accept circumstances that drain your energy, leave you stressed unhappy, frustrated, and tired.

It’s like you are on the treadmill; you keep moving yet you are not getting anywhere.  Realistically you are frustrated with marching in place.  You’re tired from perpetual motion yet you have nothing to show for your efforts.


Reflecting on the past year is only the beginning.


Now that you have reflected on the past year it’s time to redirect your focus to the areas you want to improve upon and address the longing and discontent in your life.    Without redirection of your thoughts and energy, you continue on that treadmill of life thinking you don’t have enough, time, experience, education, money.  That you are not enough.

You’ll keep moving (more like marking time) in order to keep up and eventually your longing and discontent will cause you to crash and burn, again.


Reflect and Redirect

Towards the end of 2017 my friend, Midlife Courage Coach, Sheree Clark sent out a list of questions that changed the direction of my career and the conception of Living Healthy List.

I have taken some of those same questions, added a few more to the list to help you concentrate on your longing and discontent in the Living Healthy List categories of health, wellness, personal development, and fun.

The Reflect and Redirect Action Guide is a tool to use at the end of every year or any time you feel like you have lost your way, feel like you are treading water or going through the motions.

The guide can help you to make wise choices and create the healthy lifestyle you are in search of and live 2021 the best version of you!

Healthy Living, Happy Holidays,


PS: In case you missed it here is the link to The Reflect & Redirect Action Guide.





Denise Stegall
Denise Stegall

Hi, I’m Denise Stegall,

As a speaker, coach, and curator of Living Healthy List my experience ignites ideas, conversation, and connection. I am a connector, a leader who radiates emotional intelligence, strength, positivity, resilience, and a zest for life!

I bring you 20 years of experience/study in nutrition, cooking, exercise, and coaching to show you how you can enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life through nutrition and self-empowerment.

I earned my Bachelors’s Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Business Management with a focus on nutrition, experience in the hospitality industry and has certifications in Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Nutrition, ETP and Plant-Based Cooking.

My experience in cooking and nutrition delivers a unique perspective on what works (and doesn’t work) for most people.  The Living Healthy List Method uses three pillars: Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions, and Be Accountable.  By following this simple plan anyone can have a truly healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

As an authentic connector, inspirational thought leader I am determined to provide Living Healthy List readers with honest, reliable, research-backed content that can be implemented in real life to help you create a healthy, happy life you are working hard to find so you can grow, relax and transform into the person you always dreamed of being!  Feeling more confident.  Reaching beyond your limitations.  Enjoy life more and FLOURISH!