Setting goals for the new year can be a helpful way to start off on the right foot and make positive changes in your life.  How do you make these decisions and start the year on the right foot?  You need to look back to move forward.

Reflecting on the past can be a helpful way to gain insight and understanding about yourself and your life. It can help you identify patterns and behaviors that may be holding you back. Additionally, it can also help you appreciate the progress you have made and the lessons learned. Progress helps you continue to move forward.

One way to reflect on the past is to set aside some time to think about specific events or periods of your life. Close your eyes and try to remember as much detail as possible, and reflect on how those experiences have affected you. What did you learn from those experiences and how you can apply those lessons to your present and future and continue to move forward?  Are there new choices you can make in the new year to facilitate change and growth?

Another way to reflect on the past is to write about your experiences in a journal, talk about them with a friend, or join a group or mastermind. This can help you process your thoughts and feelings and provide a sense of perspective.


Here are some steps you can follow to help you move forward in the New Year:


  • Take some time to think about the past year. What were your accomplishments and successes? Did you have challenges and setbacks? What did you learn about yourself and your life?
  • Consider what you want to achieve in the new year. What are your goals and aspirations? Are there any areas of your life that you want to improve or change?
  • Make a plan to achieve your goals. Break your goals down into smaller, more manageable tasks and set deadlines for yourself. Consider enlisting the help of a coach or mentor to help you stay on track.
  • Reflect on your progress regularly. As you work towards your goals, take time to reflect on your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.
  • Celebrate your successes. As you reach your goals, be sure to take time to celebrate your achievements and reward yourself for your hard work. This will help to keep you motivated and on track.


Reflect and Redirect Action Guide


Every year, my friend Sheree sends an email with different questions to ask yourself. Based on her questions, I created the Reflect and Redirect Action Guide, which you may find useful.

Remember, it’s important to be kind to yourself and not to get too discouraged if you don’t achieve all of your goals right away. The process of reflection and goal-setting is ongoing, and you can always adjust your plan as you go along.

Overall, reflecting on the past can be a valuable tool for personal growth and can help us move forward in life with a greater sense of purpose and direction.

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Denise Stegall

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