In last month’s article, titled Leading a Legendary Life, I challenged you to look at what was making you unhappy or not quite fulfilled as a first step in creating your legendary life.  This introspection can be difficult, give yourself the time and space to really get clear. With that list handy it’s time to move towards improvement and create your legendary life by visualizing perfection. Yes, I said perfection.

How does your dream life look? You need a clear idea of the goals and intentions you need to achieve. This will enable you to take the necessary action. 

Acting, all too often, feels intimidating and frightening. Sometimes, it may even feel impossible. If you’ve been working in the same job for decades, for example, the idea of resigning may be terrifying. If you’ve always had problems committing to a relationship, the idea of settling down could feel terrifying.


Visualize Perfection

When you begin visualizing what you want from life, you can begin to see how you can make changes and adjustments.

How do you begin visualizing perfection? The first step is to choose your focus. Pick one of the areas that you need to improve and focus on it. Think about how you’ll feel once you’ve turned it around for the better. 

Allow your imagination to lead you. For example, if you’re keen to change your job, imagine what you’d like to do. Which career path would stimulate you and give you the satisfaction you seek? Picture yourself working at the job of your dreams. Your life will look a certain way. What will you wear to work every day? Do you have a daily routine? How will you get to your new workplace? 

Ask yourself those questions and let yourself experience the feelings you’d have if everything you imagined was real. This practice is vital to success. It puts you into the correct mindset that you need to succeed and boosts your mood.


Designing Your Legendary Life 

A major key to success is having intention in everything you do. Setting intentions allows you to act with drive and purpose. It allows you to determine a clear path to follow. It allows you to identify what you must accomplish. 

By setting your intentions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, you’ll develop purpose in your life. This will also enable you to measure how successful you are in improving your everyday existence. 

What is intention setting? Essentially, it’s the same as setting goals for yourself. Setting intentions allows you to decide the types of feelings and emotions you’re seeking. When you intend to become or do something, you’re taking a step closer to a legendary life. 

So, how do you go about establishing intentions? The easiest way is to write them down each day, week or month. Choose the interval which works best for you. Just make a list of the things you need to accomplish during that time. Some examples of intentions you may set yourself. For example, I intend to:

  •  Go to the gym three times this week. 
  •  Call two friends that I haven’t spoken to recently. 
  •  Apply for a new job this week. 

These exercises enable you to obtain a clearer vision of what you’re seeking in life. It gives you things to focus on. It also helps you to avoid feeling overwhelmed. By taking things slowly, a couple of things at a time, you make change manageable. If you take things a step at a time, you can stay in the present. That makes your life a lot more rewarding. 

Next month we talk about physical health and why it’s so important in getting your energy right, your resilience in focus, and your work on the path to success, this is real science into the world’s most successful people! They all have similar habits.

Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne ignites ideas, conversation, and connection…her motivational talks and workshops are a combination of innate wisdom, modern tools, and humor to grow communication, connection, leadership, emotional intelligence, productivity, strength, positivity, grit, resilience and a life you love!

Suzanne has condensed 35 years of experience/study in exercise, nutrition, holistic living and delivers it in a 16 step process for living your best life. This practical approach to wellbeing can be delivered be within the containers of coaching, workshops or seminars for individuals and corporations.

Suzanne is described as an “authentic connector, hilarious inspirational thought leader” sharing personal stories, triumphs, struggles with science and research-backed content and the modern tools that you can implement in real life!!

Since 2009, Suzanne has supported entrepreneurs, practice owners and leaders to grow personally and professionally. She is a technology wizard, and a master certified coach (10,000 + hours) with a unique coaching background and a genuine interest in seeing others succeed.

Drawing upon her background as a competitive athlete, 20 years as a Dental Hygienist and the study of positive psychology, the neuroscience of habits, nutrition and personal wellbeing she takes coaching to the next level for her clients. This combination of NLP, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, High-Performance Habits, Ancient Wisdom & Modern Tools now known as the Taylord Method has been dubbed the “secret weapon” for entrepreneurs.

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