Leading a Legendary Life and How to Become the Hero of Your Story.  


If you’ve ever heard people talking about living a legendary life, you’re probably wondering what that means. What is a legendary life? How do you start living one? In this series, we’re going to look at what it means to live a legendary life. We’ll see how it can benefit you. Additionally, we’ll also look at the changes you can put in place so that you can launch your legendary existence. 

Living a legendary life, essentially, means that you’re living your best life. It means trying to maximize the potential in everything you do to give yourself the best chance of feeling good.  Achieving more and experiencing maximum happiness. Exploit your potential to the full and seize opportunities whenever they present themselves. It also means you pursue your dreams freely without allowing yourself to be held back from achieving everything you could.  Check out the lyrics to this amazing song by Norbert Leo Butz.  It’ll get you excited to Be the Hero!


Living a legendary life also means that you need to find balance.

This is a vital element of staying healthy and happy. When you manage your energy and time wisely, you can nurture yourself to the full. Taking care of your mind, body and spirit allows you to live the best life you can. 

I will be giving you practical tips to help you achieve your full potential. Discover how you can implement change to make your life the best it can be. 

It stands to reason that you can’t implement change for the better in your life until you know what’s wrong. You can’t improve something if you don’t know what needs to be improved. The first thing you need to do is, therefore, to become more aware. You need to take a closer look at your life to identify where the problems lie. 


Recognizing Where the Problems Lie

The first step to living a legendary life is being brutally honest with yourself. Take a close look at your life. Examine the aspects of your life that you aren’t happy with. Which elements of your life are bringing you down? Where could improvements be made? 

It isn’t easy to look objectively at your life. Nobody wants to dwell on the problem areas. Very few people are willing to focus on the things that make them unhappy. Yet, this is essential. You need to be aware of what’s wrong to turn it around for the better. 

Take the time to consider every part of your life. Look at your health, your job, your relationships, and your leisure time. Are you happy with the way things are going? What aren’t you satisfied with? 


It’s Time to be Honest with Yourself

You need to be ruthless with yourself. There’s no point in lying to yourself or overlooking the truth. If something is making you unhappy it needs to be addressed. Otherwise, you cannot ever live a legendary life. This is where a coach can come in handy, preferably someone who has done this work themselves and can offer perspectives and questions to ask to look deeper.

Note down the areas of your life with which you are dissatisfied. Perhaps you’re unhappy with your weight or want to feel healthier. You may be bored and unstimulated in your job and want to embark on a new career. Maybe you’re tired of meaningless dates and long for commitment to one special person.  It could be that you’re tired of sitting watching TV every night and are ready to take up a new, fulfilling hobby. Jot down all your observations. You’ll need them to help you to move to the next stage. 

I know that this intense introspection can be overwhelming but don’t let it!  If you start to feel frustrated please read my article on reducing stress and anxiety.

This blog post is part one of this series so keep your eye open for the next post in this series……


Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne ignites ideas, conversation, and connection…her motivational talks and workshops are a combination of innate wisdom, modern tools, and humor to grow communication, connection, leadership, emotional intelligence, productivity, strength, positivity, grit, resilience and a life you love!

Suzanne has condensed 35 years of experience/study in exercise, nutrition, holistic living and delivers it in a 16 step process for living your best life. This practical approach to wellbeing can be delivered be within the containers of coaching, workshops or seminars for individuals and corporations.

Suzanne is described as an “authentic connector, hilarious inspirational thought leader” sharing personal stories, triumphs, struggles with science and research-backed content and the modern tools that you can implement in real life!!

Since 2009, Suzanne has supported entrepreneurs, practice owners and leaders to grow personally and professionally. She is a technology wizard, and a master certified coach (10,000 + hours) with a unique coaching background and a genuine interest in seeing others succeed.

Drawing upon her background as a competitive athlete, 20 years as a Dental Hygienist and the study of positive psychology, the neuroscience of habits, nutrition and personal wellbeing she takes coaching to the next level for her clients. This combination of NLP, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, High-Performance Habits, Ancient Wisdom & Modern Tools now known as the Taylord Method has been dubbed the “secret weapon” for entrepreneurs.

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