Are you ready for a romance makeover? Do you need a little spice in your relationship? Many people think intimacy is THE indicator of a romantic relationship. The spice comes with a great relationship and setting aside intentional time to romance each other. Trust me, I have been doing it for 20 years.  How do we do it with six kids…well, let’s just say we keep the romance alive!

“A great relationship doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building love until the end.” -Author Unknown.


After the honeymoon stage is over, romance may take a back seat in the relationship. Work, children, sports, aging parents, health issues, and other needs tend to take the focus of attention on a daily basis.  The key to romance is setting aside time to romance the special person in your life.

My husband and I got married the summer before I started my second year of graduate school. I was taking a full load of graduate school classes and teaching classes on campus. My husband was taking pre-med classes as he prepared to start medical school (He never ended up going to medical school…but that is another testimony). Yes, we were BUSY!

So, as we started our married life...BUSY, we decided to make a commitment to set aside time for each other EVERY week to prioritize the romance in our relationship. We picked Thursday nights for our special night and named it FUNNITE. We have been celebrating FUNNITE for over 20 years and we have NEVER missed our FUNNITE. Even with six children, the newborn stages, toddlers, sickness, travel, visitors, commitments, church…you name it…we have kept our commitment to our FUNNITE.

  1. No excuses. Thursday night is our night. So, regardless of whether I had a test or a paper due, I had to get it done before Thursday because Thursday was OUR night. Now, even with practice and commitments, it is still OUR night.

  2. No phone calls. No matter who calls, unless it is a dire emergency we are not picking up the phone.cell phone

  3. No money, no worries. On a college budget we didn’t have much spending money. We wanted to spend within our means and that meant necessities only. Going out for dinner and/or a movie weekly could be spendy, so we got creative and had FUNNITE at home. We got our hands dirty in the the kitchen together and came up with some fun, romantic creations.

  4. No double dates. It may sound selfish but we really needed to focus on us and our marriage. So we saved double dates for other days. If we have visiting guests staying with us, we use our FUNNITE as an opportunity to share the importance of making time for each other in marriage.

  5. No skipping. If something important is happening on Thursday and we can’t have FUNNITE, we have to make it up on Friday or Saturday.

  6. No email, not text, no social media. No sneaking around to check personal or work email. No quick check ins on Facebook. No quick texts. Basically, not form of communication with the outside world!

It is so easy to let life get in the way of spending time together as a couple, so we have to be intentional about it. I always look forward to Thursdays because I know no matter how busy the week may be, I have Thursday nights with the love of my life.


Ready for a romantic massage? A full-body massage is one of the top 40 romantic ideas for married couples.  Spice it up with one of my favorite blends for a romantic experience, Young Living Sensation Blend, which is includes essential oils of Ylang Ylang and Coriander for encouraging feelings of romance and love. Take your romance level  it up another level with Sensation Massage Oil as a base for your romantic massage experience.

One of my favorite memories of Sensation essential oil is when a gentleman bought his wife an essential oil starter kit and I made a Sensation rollerball for a special gift.  All I will say is his wife contacted me and said HE put it on daily and she loved it! It bought JOY to my heart!

Want some romance on a daily basis? Start in the shower with Sensation Shower Gel and finish off with Sensation Body Lotion. 


If you want a makeover, you need to make a change. One small change today will lead to a bigger result tomorrow. Commit to making one small change:

  1. Pick a day of the week you will set aside to romance your spouse. Even if you have to adjust your schedule, commit and reserve the date on the calendar.
  2. Plan a romantic evening. Keep it simple or as extravagant as you want. Enjoy planning. Next week, have your spouse plan your date night. You can also plan it together. Need some ideas? Check out tips here.
  3. Take the love language quiz on your first romance makeover date. Find out what makes the both of you tingle, smile, and feel appreciated. Trust me, it has worked wonders for my marriage the for the many clients I have recommended it to for romance support.

When we love ourselves, we are able to pour that love out into others. Feel rested, energized, focused, and productive. Schedule a 30-minute JOY-Care session with me and mention Living Healthy List for a FREE romantic aromatherapy rollerball  – Limited to the first 10 responses.

Take a moment to touch a life and remember Choose JOY.

Dr. Joy

Letticia Callies

Letticia Callies

Dr. Letticia Callies (a.k.a. Dr. Joy) is on a mission to spread joy around the world. She helps people who are stuck or overwhelmed by helping them get the results they need to live out their joyful purpose. She uses a combination of evidence-based strategies to help you bounce back when you fall, empower and encourage you in your faith, improve your overall wellness, and help you discover more time to do what you love. Her joyful demeanor and compassionate communication help motivate her clients to make positive changes that simply become second nature.

Dr. Callies is the wife of her best friend for over 20 years; she is a mom to four boys and two girls. She is the founder of JOYFull Inspirations, LLC, an author, homeschool educator, worship dancer, and joy-lettering journalist. She enjoys spending time with her family, sampling tea, leading joy-handlettering Bible studies, and creating healthy recipes in the kitchen.