Before I began my career as a health coach and entrepreneur working from home was unheard of.  A parent would stay home with a sick child but getting work done was virtually impossible. Literally. In my wildest imagination, I never expected to write about wellness tips for working remotely.  But here we are!

Until 10  years ago laptops were heavy and expensive.  We didn’t have high-speed internet like we do today.  Zoom and Skype didn’t even exist.  Remember dial-up?  Working remotely was stressful! Back then you had to plug your computer into the phone line in order to get an internet connection. If it worked it was so slow that it wasn’t worth the time or effort.  Besides if the phone rang while you were working you would automatically get kicked off the internet.

In many ways, those were simpler days.

In recent years more people have been working remotely or teleworking,  which is a term that I recently came across. With the outbreak of Covid 19, many people never considered leaving a traditional workplace are suddenly thrust into a new work-from-home environment for the first time.

It has thrown our daily routines out of balance and especially our wellness routines! Here are  Dr. Karen’s Top Ten Tips for how to stay healthy while working remotely.

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NOTE –  I have provided this information for educational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat. Please consult with your health care professional.


  • Podcast published with permission by Dr. Karen Wolfe.  Denise Stegall, CEO of Living Healthy List wrote the introduction.