Lately, do you find yourself forgetting things?  Maybe you’ve misplaced your keys, again or you completely forgot your best friends birthday.  Something you haven’t done in the 30+ years you have known her.  You are aware that you are getting older and these things “naturally” come with age or do they?  Now you are at a point where you’d like to know the truth about women’s midlife issues because they are affecting you every day.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that you have an increased craving for sweets.  On the other hand, it could be something more physical like stiff joints, dry eyes, brittle nails, or a leaky bladder, or is it something more personal like lost libido and an overwhelming feeling of disempowerment?

Whether you are struggling with one, two or all of these midlife issues you can bet your hormones play a BIG role. 

Yes, you guessed it, today I am talking with Kiran Ram, a hormone expert and a veritable fountain of knowledge who can help you with midlife issues.

Tune in on our chat and you’ll learn: 

  • The real cost of foregone sleep 
  • What might help with sleep, and what’s not at all helpful
  • Why simply journaling for just three days could give you answers 
  • Some ideas for “the sugar blues” 
  • What is a hormone disruptor and what that means to you

Here’s that link again!

Do you have questions specific to menopause?  Check out this article.

Sheree Clark

Sheree Clark

I believe…
that at any given moment we are all at a Fork in the Road. Sometimes the metaphorical intersection is a big decision: Do I get a divorce or try to work it out? Climb the corporate ladder or strike out solo? Downsize and go condo or stay and make the repairs? But the other, “smaller” choices you make are important too: stuff like what exercise works best for your lifestyle, or what to do about your insomnia or what you can do when you simply feel “stuck.”

As a midlife courage coach, I get to the root of what’s “weighing you down,” and it’s not always just about diet. I stand with my clients as they make the important decisions in life or grapple with big questions like “What am I here for?” I’m good at helping people realize that the things that seem daunting and nearly hopeless are where the growth and joy come from.

I have had several careers including working at a university right out of graduate school. After that I owned a successful advertising agency for 25 years. And when that no longer made my heart sing, I became a healthy living coach. Along the way I’ve studied nutrition, received my raw vegan chef certification, been a television show host, and have been on a spiritual and personal development path that spills over into my work. I live a varied and interesting life in an art deco home in Des Moines, Iowa with my cat Lotus.

You need me when you…
Need help figuring what you really want to do…and support so you have the courage to actually do it

Want to eat better, sleep better, have more vitality and the energy to sail through your day

Long to “get your groove back” and get out of that rut

Are open to exploring your own unique gifts, so you have the perfect blueprint to live with ease and confidence

Simply feel like you’ve taken care of everyone else for too damn long and now it’s YOUR turn


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