Since September is National Yoga month, it’s the perfect opportunity to talk about the tie between yoga and personal finances.  Really?  Yes.

I’m a Personal Finance Coach, Educator, and Financial Wellness expert here on Living Healthy List.  In practice for over 25 years, I’ve had a life long love affair with yoga.  As a fan of yoga and personal finance, there are several parallels between both.  In fact, yoga can enhance your personal finances and financial wellness.  Here’s how.

There are eight practical aspects and applications of yoga, according to the Yoga Sutras.  These are known as “sadhanas” or practices. “The eight limbs (of yoga) are social ethics, personal disciplines, posture, breathe regulation, (internalization of sensory awareness), focusing, maintaining a focus and complete absorption of the object of focus.”

A Strong Foundation

When viewed from this perspective, it’s not hard to see several parallels between yoga and financial wellness. Yoga is a practice.  The time you dedicate to your yoga practice builds your foundation of strength and mindfulness.  Time, focus, and mindfulness on your personal finances also builds a strong financial foundation.   As you practice over time, you continue building on your foundations.

Yoga is the marriage between breath and body movement.  When you have personal discipline with breath, bodywork and diet, you enjoy the benefits of strength, flexibility, peace, and resiliency in your mind, body, and spirit.


Personal Discipline & Maintaining Focus

You can expect the same results from a discipline with your personal finances.  Financial wellness will result by being in practice or creating habits by repeating success behaviors, with your money.  Take it one step further.  Maintaining a focus on healthy habits within your personal finances will also result in strength, flexibility, peace, and resiliency with your money.

One of the analogies I use all the time with my clients is that personal finances are like laundry or dishes.  They never go away.  As soon as you get caught up, there are more dishes or laundry piles to take care of.  A consistent and dedicated practice of focus, healthy habits, and mindfulness go a long way with both yoga and personal finances. A clean house as well.


Social Ethics

Another beautiful parallel between yoga and personal finance is with the application of social ethics.  One of the best ways to express your values and feel empowered with your money is to vote with your dollar.  Incorporate mindfulness into your spending, and you will quickly see your dollars making an impact.  Your money matters!  Are you supporting the causes you care about?  Can you shop at more of the businesses that align with your values?  Do you support the work and movements of other social causes with each aligned dollar you spend?

When incorporating the discipline of mindfulness from yoga into your personal finances, your spending impact takes on a whole new meaning.  Creating a connection between your finances and values leads to a deep sense of satisfaction and a positive impact on your financial wellness.


How to Harness the Benefits of Yoga and Personal Finances

Although a lifelong fan of yoga, it wasn’t until about 6 years ago when I met my health coach, that I realized yoga is the physical arm of a centuries-old Eastern medicine called Ayurveda.

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Michelle Boss

Michelle Boss

Michelle Boss is a Personal Finance Coach and Certified Financial Education Instructor. She is certified through the NFEC. As a Professional Money Coach, Michelle helps successful women get smart with money so they can grow their wealth and finally feel financially secure. With Michelle’s Group and One-to-one Coaching Sessions, she helps take the Fear out of Finances.