Wondering if the benefits of Yoga can help you age more gracefully? They certainly do!

The benefits of yoga include boosting bone density, balancing hormones, helping you sleep better, and feel calmer which of course all help us to live healthier and fuller lives.

Watch this short video that will give 3 key ways that Yoga enhances your health to help you age gracefully:

-keep your spine healthy supple and flexible

-bring your stress levels down in just a few deep breaths

-slows the aging of your brain to improve memory, balance, and mood

Amazing right? And the great news is that these benefits happen quickly and boost your health on every level: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical! Talk about multitasking!


What Could be Accelerating the Aging Process?

Did you know that sitting so much can take a toll on your body and may be accelerating the aging process?  As we get older we are much more sedentary than we were as children.  We drive everywhere instead of walking.  The remote control has replaced our need to get p and change the tv channel.  Even if it were only a few steps.

How does sitting too much accelerate teh aging process?

  • Lower back, neck, shoulder, or wrist pain
  • Rounded, a slouched posture that makes you feel and look older than you are
  • Insomnia, depression, or high-stress levels
  • Weight gain, low energy, headaches
  • Frequent colds and illness

…or maybe all of the above?

The benefits of yoga can help you slow done teh aging process and get you on a path to many vibrant golden years.

Are you inspired and want to learn more? Come and check out my “7 Day Yoga Jumpstart” to help you go from slouched and sluggish to energized and strong here!


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Guest Blogger

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