Does the idea of brushing your body with a firm brush while it’s dry get you excited at all?

Well, that’s basically what dry brushing is. It’s a great way to slough off that dry skin that has been bothering you and leaving you with those unsightly little flecks of skin. It’s the ultimate in exfoliation! Not only that, but it also helps the blood flow throughout your body, which is always a good thing, right?

If you have poor blood circulation, maybe from a sedentary lifestyle, you know, the “I should exercise, but I can find a million and one reasons why I don’t” syndrome. Or maybe, there is another reason. Take me, for example. I have some scoliosis and I really find that dry brushing gets the blood moving in that area. As an added benefit, it alleviates any discomfort that I have in that area!

My favorite brush to use for dry brushing is made of  Sisal is nice and firm. You really should use a firm brush and avoid those soft ones. They don’t really do anything as far as dry brushing. I found it at the local Cost Plus World Market and it’s really wonderful!

You can also get on on Amazon as well. I find the size of this dry brush is just perfect. My long arms do the rest!


Watch my Dry Brushing Video Here


Now that you’ve watched my video it’s time to get yourself a sisal brush and detox your skin by getting rid of that dry, flaky stuff! Also, be sure to check out this awesome article by The Cleveland Clinic on dry brushing and what it can do for you.   They believe in it too!

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