Take Time to Breathe Better


Sounds easy. Yet it’s an auto-function that most of us need to re-learn – regular life or pandemic life.

Do you find yourself holding your breath or breathing shallowly?

Learning how to get your body to BREATHE BETTER is probably one of the biggest health, fitness, and mindfulness shifts you can make right now. And it truly is a QUICK FIX when it comes to back, shoulder and neck stiffness – and even sneeze pee!

Taking a deep breath as part of a calming technique or trying to change a shallow breathing pattern requires some retraining in order for our bodies to do it well again. That’s because breathing is a MOVEMENT – and just like any other movement your body does, it relies on many parts working well and in unison. Often, however, that is just not happening – and we don’t even know it.

In this workshop with Living Healthy List Co-founder, Denise Stegall, we did the following:

  •  Looked at your current breathing strategy and compared it to a more optimal strategy – when the body knows better, it does better.
  • Explored some techniques and whole-body exercises to get those stuck breathing parts working well again (it’s probably not what you think!).

Watch the Breathing Workshop Here!

You’re breathing all day anyway (about 23,000 times a day) – you may as well get the most benefit!  improper breathing can also lead to shoulder ad neck tension.  Learn how to alleviate those symptoms here.

Want to get a head start? You can download the ‘Learn 5 Alignment Adjustments in 5 Minutes’ Movement Manual from www.tracyseidermovement.com.

Just keep moving,


Tracy Seider

Tracy Seider

Hi! I’m Tracy.

I’m a movement coach on a mission to help peri- and menopausal women see that they do not have to accept a ‘new normal’ as they age that is anything less than fabulous.

You see, I spent years in treatment for hip, back, bladder and pelvic issues, even though I exercised regularly and taught yoga part-time. It was only when I started following a whole-body approach to wellness, moving better, and moving more that I finally found relief.

In fact, I’m stronger and healthier at 50 than I was 20 years ago.

Along my healing journey I learned five movement breakthroughs that I share with my clients.

We need WAY more movement than we think we do.
Small changes can make a really big difference.
How you breathe truly matters.
The hour at the gym does not undo all the damage that is caused by too much chair-sitting.
Your movement and alignment habits can be wrecking your body.

I believe so strongly in this work that I quit my desk-job to teach better movement full-time.

If you are ready to step out of the conventional exercise box, let’s chat and see if movement coaching is right for you.

It may just be the solution you never even knew existed.