Take a few yoga classes and you may find yourself addicted to that post-practice high. Do you wonder how you can get more of that feeling? Especially now if your favorite studio hasn’t reopened following the pandemic lockdown. While elevating your practice can take time and hard work,  it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can use these budget-savvy tips to transform yourself from a casual student to a seasoned yogi.   Simple Ways to Save Money on Tools and Tech for Expanding a Yoga Practice at Home

Your Home Practice Can Save Time & Money

 Paying for classes at a gym or studio can be pretty costly. Still, consistent practice is essential to improving your understanding and prowess when it comes to yoga poses. So how can you maintain a regular practice without paying for those expensive classes? Well, you can start by picking up yoga gear at stores like Lululemon. From towels to blocks to mats, they have everything you need to build a basic yoga studio in your own home. Fortunately, you can save money on these purchases by using promo codes and coupons you’ve found online.

Picking up a few self-care extras, such as a headstand chair or a yoga wheel, can help you challenge your body with new poses without the risk of injury. Using these props to practice for a few minutes each day could be enough to elevate your yoga routine and improve your well-being, so consider it an investment in your health and happiness.

Yoga Apps Provide Tips, Tutorials, and Challenges

 If you are still a little new to yoga, coming up with your own flows and sequences can be a challenge. That’s why downloading yoga apps via your smartphone or streaming device is a smart move for maintaining a consistent and effective home practice. Many of these apps and sites offer free trial periods, so don’t be afraid to try a few each week until you find videos and instructors you are comfortable with following each day.

Some apps also provide more pointed tips for other elements of yoga, including meditation and acrobatic poses. So if you are looking to polish these aspects of your own fitness and self-care practices, searching for these additional features could help you choose an app that is just right for you. Meditation is fairly important for any dedicated yoga practice and can transform a purely physical practice into a more well-rounded self-care experience. So if you go with a yoga app that only offers tips on physical postures, consider using a mediation app to add more mindfulness to your yoga practice.

A Yoga Routine Encourages Consistency

Having access to a home yoga space and yoga apps can help take your practice to a new level. While these tools can help keep you on track towards reaching your wellness goals, you may need further motivation to turn your yoga practice into a lifelong habit. For instance, many of the yoga and meditation apps listed above allow you to set reminders and notifications, which you can use to schedule in your time on the mat.

It’s also important to keep a few points in mind when creating attainable goals for your yoga practice. For one, it’s called a yoga practice for good reason. One of which is you have to practice in order to get better! Just like any new habit or hobby, the chances of nailing difficult poses (without serious injury) from the start is pretty low, so give yourself a break and just feel proud for stepping onto your mat in the first place. Honoring your practice with humility can go a long way in stepping up your yoga game.

 If you have some basic tools and tech, you have everything you need to expand your abilities at home while you’re waiting for your yoga studio to get back into the swing of things. With the tips above, accessing those tools can also help expand your budget, so that you can invest even more into creating your own yoga practice.

About the Author: Sheila Johnson

I left the corporate world to start my own business, on my schedule. I’ve implemented a daily self-care routine. Yoga and meditation and exercise that balance my work life with taking care of my mental, emotional, and physical health. I’m looking, feeling, and working better than I have in years and want to share it with others.  Read more about Sheila here.

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