What is considered to be “Runner’s Knee”?

Runner’s knee or Patella-Femoral Syndrome is pain in the front of the knee joint frequently associate with joint stiffness, grinding, popping, and catching causing difficulty with running, jumping, climbing stairs, squatting and even walking. This condition is very often associated with cartilage damage know as Chondromalacia patellae.

What causes Runner’s Knee

The most common causes are 1) poor tracking of the patella femoral joint 2) weak core and hip musculature 3) poor arch support 4) knee joint wear and tear. Runner’s knee is in most cases a biomechanics problem related to poor tracking of the knee cap. Furthermore, damaged cartilage through being overweight, knee overuse and injury can reduce shock absorption can cause patella femoral pain.

Impairments it can cause…

The main symptom it causes is knee pain, especially in a bent position such as sitting, squatting, jumping, or going down stairs. Knee pain can cause occasional knee giving way and can put you at risk of falling. Furthermore, catching, popping, or grinding sensation with movement is common with this condition.

Knee Pain comes from…

• Muscle Weakness and tightness
• Joint damage, stiffness and inflammation

When should I worry?

• If pain is lasting more than 3 weeks
• If it is not improving or actually getting worse
• If you’ve taken drugs but it no longer helps
• If walking, sitting and climbing stairs makes it worse causing moderate functional limitations

When does it become an emergency?

• If you have pain without even moving it or just with sitting
• If you have knee swelling and joint jamming
• If you have difficulty with balance and walking

Traditional treatments that most try but are not as effective include:

• Drugs or injections
• Chiropractor
• Acupuncture
• Generic Physical Therapy
• Massage
• Generic exercises (Youtube, personal trainer)

If left untreated, Runner’s Knee can lead to irreversible

• cartilage damage and serious osteoarthritis
• Prolonged limping can lead to hip, sacro-iliac joint and back pain.
• Prolonged pain results in poor cardiovascular endurance, weight gain, avoidance of sports activates, loss of income and poor quality of life.

Try This Self-Test to See If You Have Runner’s Knee

Position yourself in lying flat or long sitting with the involved knee straight. Gently and gradually contract the quadriceps muscle. If you experience pain in the knee you most likely have Runner’s Knee

Furthermore, pressure on the upper edge of the patella will reproduce symptoms suggesting pain of patellofemoral origin.

• DISCLAIMER: You may need to see a physical or occupational therapist to get an official diagnosis.

How do you get rid of Runner’s Knee and Improve your performance?

My revolutionary Runner’s Knee Program helps to get rid of tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles, reposition misaligned patella and eliminate pain related to inflammation.

It often makes symptoms better very first session and depending on the complexity of your condition, it may take up to 6 sessions to fix.

I discovered this solution while working with hundreds of patients who suffered from knee pain. As I treated their knee pain, their posture, knee alignment and sports performance improved as well.

I found that if I normalize these muscles (and make them strong and healthy) the knee pain, patellar tracking and alignment improved very quickly.

In case you were wondering, it’s all-natural. No drugs. No injections. No surgery involved.

This discovery has led to a dramatic increase in how fast my patients got better. They were able to run faster, jump higher, climb stairs and return to sports and work. They were able to be more active, work and live their life again

Not all treatments are the same.

Not all traditional knee pain treatments lead to fast results and better performance. And believe it or not, some may actually make your problem worse!

Not all practitioners treat knee pain the same. And not all treatments target root cause of the problem and specific muscles at fault.

My hands-on technique is highly unique. I focus on functional movement patterns restore the motions and muscles of the knees and hips to get quick maximum results.

My 15 years of experience has led to the discovery of this revolutionary new way to stop Runner’s Knee in nearly almost anyone of any age, body type or condition.

Who are you?

My name is Joshua Holmes, PT and I am a licensed physical therapist who specializes in back pain and sciatica related disorders. I’m also a certified Mulligan Practitioner and have a special interest in helping those with this problem become more pain-free, healthy and active.

What can I expect from this program?

1. Get rid of knee pain, popping and grinding
2. Improve knee alignment
3. Increase sports performance
4. Increase Energy and Endurance
5. Improve Self Esteem
6. Move better, faster and easier

*The complexity of your condition will determine your results.

How quickly will I see results?

Most feel better immediately. You can expect the pain to improve after the very first session.

You could see an improvement in knee alignment in as little as 7 days while on this program.

Most are done with the program in 6 sessions and then continue on their own. Some patients have more complex condition requiring 12 sessions.

How much does it cost?

Because there are so so many people who believe need access to this information, I have created a special program to make it extremely affordable for everyone. You don’t need insurance or pay thousands of dollars.

The cost ranges from $70 to $100 per session. And most complete the program within 6 sessions.

The complexity of your condition will determine how many sessions you will need. Most everyone sees results the very first session and they love it.

What’s my next step?

As you can imagine there are a lot of people wanting to start this program. But due to my limited availability, I only have a few spots available at any given time.
It’s only for those serious about getting rid of Runner’s Knee.

Call (507)424-0678 now.

What’s included in the First Session?

The First Session includes:

1. A private one-to-one exam by a licensed physical therapist and pain specialist. 2. A detailed explanation of the ROOTCAUSE of your pain/problem. 3. A list of exercises and things you can do at home to start feeling better right away.

*If time permits, you’ll receive a quick treatment as well.


Is it safe?

Yes. All procedures are FDA cleared and proven safe. I am a licensed Physical Therapist in the state of Minnesota with 15 years’ experience.
What if I had surgery before?

It’s safe even if you’ve had surgery. You may need more sessions but you will still see results.

“Josh is patient, understanding, funny, and kind. He is concerned with patients and their well-being. He is never condescending and always patient. Josh can help discover things that are causing pain/discomfort. He has great experience, technique, and is a partner in your health.”

Josh Homes

Debbie Cassity

Debbie Cassity