If reflecting on the relationship between you and your body is a new idea, you are not alone. We have been indoctrinated for literally thousands of years to dismiss our body’s existence, never mind the connection we have with it.

Here are some examples of external influences that have negatively impacted our body relationship:

  • Patriarchy
  • Media
  • Fear trances
  • Governmental overreach
  • Chronic stressing
  • Should-ing
  • Advertising
  • Air-brushing
  • Body shaming
  • Not enoughness
  • Spiritual bypassing

Is it any wonder that connecting to your body and its wisdom is challenging? Add to the overstimulating world we live in, even more so. You must let yourself off the hook.

The good news is that you can learn to relate to your body with respect and kindness, like any other relationship in your life. Since any transformation begins with expanding awareness, are you willing to look at your current relationship status? If so, here are a few questions to consider.

Do you:

  • Ignore or dismiss your body and its signals?
  • Wish it wouldn’t slow you down so much?
  • Judge, criticize, or should on it?
  • Compare your body’s size, shape, age, or fitness level?
  • Bypass your body altogether and would rather reside elsewhere?

Congratulations on your bravery! Ready for a different type of relationship?

The first step is to feel more centered. It is challenging to connect with anybody, including your body, if you are stressed out. You can shift your internal state towards ease in several ways; it can be as simple as a few full breaths or feeling your feet on the ground. Embodiment practices, for example, walking in nature or some form of enjoyable movement activity is also essential. Consistent connection with your body is key to help you feel safer in your skin.

Once you feel more present, ask the million-dollar question: how am I feeling and what do I need? This is directed to YOUR body; not your family, friends, magazine covers, social media, or any other external expectation. Just you and your body. You may get a response right away, it may be delayed, or you may need support to get clear. Be patient, and most importantly, kind.

This query is a practice. Recall all the external influences that have taught you not to tune in! The good news is that your body is always speaking to you and looking out for your best interest, contrary to cultural conditioning. Your body is naturally designed for ease and grace. Your part in this relationship recovery is remembering what you and your body already know: how to feel exquisitely comfortable in your own skin.

Wherever you are in your connection, remember that your relationship status exists on a continuum. Acknowledge where you are currently and know that you can get back together with your body and experience a lifelong friendship, perhaps even a love affair!

Questions, comments, aha’s? Seeking support? Connect with me here!

Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA, CMT believes as we create more love in the body, we create more love in the world. She serves as an Embodiment Mentor and has over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts including a MA in Expressive Therapy, life and wellness coaching, therapeutic massage and bodywork, somatics, energy medicine, and conscious movement & dance. Lisa is energetically sensitive that blesses her with a strong divine connection and challenges her to stay centered in an overwhelming world. She has discovered that honoring body wisdom is the key to sustaining wellbeing and soul evolution with more ease and grace. Learn more http://www.soulisticarts.com