It’s that time of year again… Two months ago you made your fitness resolutions, signed up to a new fitness studio only to have our membership sit there doing NOTHING. In fact, in the US, $1.8 billion dollars is spent on UNUSED gym memberships every year!
So how do you get motivated to stick with it? Here are some tips…
Don’t do another boring workout 
Yes, you heard me, why people sign up to workouts that bore them is beyond me. There are literally thousands of ways to train, find something you like! That will keep you motivated.
Fortunately, some studios have tapped into the fact that people find gyms boring and therefore, have created their offering with the experience in mind. ZADI Training is one of those brands that spotted a gap in the market to build a strong female-focused brand that was results and technology-driven but also created an experience for clients.
Studios are designed with ‘The millennial female experience’ in mind with a nightclub fit-out, a strong vibe, and atmosphere and it has paid off for them.
“It helps to find an audience and create an experience that speaks directly to them,” says founder Adala Bolto.
“That’s how you can achieve an emotional connection with that group as you can tailor the experience to them and ensure they have the best time as only they are in mind.”
“I found that some girls just don’t want to go lift weights with the guys. They can become self-conscious, feel like they are getting in the way by using equipment and they don’t get the most out of their time at the gym. That’s where ZADI comes in”
“Our workouts are all developed by exercise scientists so they get results, but they are fun. We have dark lighting with bright pink accents, strong girl power music and we have lots of fun.”
Unleash your inner ninja
If you want a fun, new way to move, an obstacle course could be for you! Obstacle courses, like Ninja Parc, are a great way to get moving. They’re loaded with a variety of obstacles that’ll work your fitness and problem-solving skills. And, best of all, you’ll have a great time while weaving through the course. It’s especially great to try as a family activity!
Ninja Parc is suitable for anyone, from the ages of 3+. If you have a family, bring them with you and enjoy unleashing your inner ninjas together. Ninja Parc also offers Parkour classes for those who really want to unleash like a ninja. Plus, birthday parties, school holiday programs, and fitness programs.


Train with an objective


Another great way to stay motivated is to have an event to train for such as a fun run. The benefit of this is that there is a date that you must be ready by, so you have less opportunity to miss your training sessions and in the meantime, you will build up healthy habits along the way.

Find a run club or program that includes long runs, sprint sessions, strength, and conditioning, and get to work. You ideally want to train for 3 months for any event that is 14 km and less and 6-ish months for a half or full marathon.
Mix it up


I know it’s easy to get bored after a while doing the same workout.  It’s time to mix it up!  Sign up for a studio that offers lots of different styles of training or an online platform such as FlowAthletic.TV that offers that. Even use the Mindbody app to see all the workouts near you so you can try different studios whenever you like. That way you can get to know the workouts, studios, and communities to see if you like them before you decide whether to commit


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