I recently celebrated my 25th anniversary graduating from massage school. I found my Boston area school in the yellow pages. Yes, those. Pre-internet. A 1200-hour program. Not sure if those even exist anymore. Upon graduation, after hundreds of practice hours, I felt confident in giving a professional massage.  I had better knowledge about How the body works to thrive as well as heal and grateful for the embodied experience that I can indeed feel comfortable in my skin.  You can feel comfortable in your skin by grounding.

It is my birthright.

It is your birthright. 

Massage is one of the many modalities to come home to your body. If you’ve never experienced a professional one, do so, when you feel comfortable.

In the meantime, I want to offer you two ways to experience the healing power of touch.


The Healing Power of Touch

1) Give yourself a hug. I know it’s not the same as a hug from another human and it helps. And/or choose your favorite lotion or oil and consciously apply it to your hands, feet, or whole body. Your body appreciates, and needs, kind connection.

2) Allow the Earth to hold you. In my online membership, The Sanctuary, we have occasional Movie Nights throughout the year. Think book club. Members watch a movie at their convenience and then we come together to discuss, share, and connect.

The movie I chose for this Movie Night is: “The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding.” It blends story and science, celebrity, and simplicity.



If earthing/grounding is not yet in your wellbeing toolbox, you gotta add this! Especially for the times when you are low energy and are seeking something other than food, technology, social media, or other numbing behaviors to feel better.

To make it easy to learn more, the documentary is free and the link to watch it (75 minutes, totally worth it) is below. You can also access it on YouTube or on https://www.groundology.co.uk/ that has more information, research, science, products, and video clips.

The premise is that we are electromagnetic beings. So is the Earth. The electromagnetic charge of the Earth helps to balance the electromagnetic charge of our bodies, reduce inflammation, and therefore, dis-ease.

How to get grounded? Place your feet – or whole body – on the Earth.

That’s it.

If it sounds too good, or simple, to be true, you are not alone. We have been so disconnected for so long, skepticism is not surprising.

If you are willing to feel better in your body, it’s worth a look.

Even as I am writing this, I have my bare feet on the Earth.

I am encouraging my whole family to take off their shoes and reconnect with this simple, accessible, and free healing modality. Even a few minutes helps.

We need, now more than ever, to experience heaven in our earth while on Earth. There are over 50 trillion cells of divine intelligence awaiting awakening and remembering.


While I’ve talked about Earth and grounding other elements like water are essential for a healthy, happy, vibrant life.  Be Free and Move Like Water.


Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA, CMT believes as we create more love in the body, we create more love in the world. She serves as an Embodiment Mentor and has over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts including a MA in Expressive Therapy, life and wellness coaching, therapeutic massage and bodywork, somatics, energy medicine, and conscious movement & dance. Lisa is energetically sensitive that blesses her with a strong divine connection and challenges her to stay centered in an overwhelming world. She has discovered that honoring body wisdom is the key to sustaining wellbeing and soul evolution with more ease and grace. Learn more http://www.soulisticarts.com