Negative emotions are not good for your affect your mental and emotional health.  They negatively affect your body, zap your mental energy and lead to a number of health problems.   Hormone and chemical imbalances, especially those necessary for happiness are depleted and damages there is a detrimental affection your immune system.  It’s time to split with your negative thought patterns.  Breaking up with negative thoughts can be one of the most powerful things you do for your mental and emotional health.

I didn’t say it would be easy; it can be challenging even to be aware of those patterns! Building the self-command muscle is like lifting weights at the gym, starting lighter and building up the strength over time, not going in on day one, and expecting to bicep curl 80 pounds!! Your brain is the same; rewiring those negative patterns takes time and repetition.

Identifying Negative Automatic Thought Patterns


When you want to change something about your life, the first step is changing how you think. But this can sometimes be a challenging feat because first, you need to know what thoughts you need to eliminate. Below are some common negative thought patterns which can help you identify negative thoughts in your mind and remove them from your life. 

Any Thought In Which You Think Negatively Of Yourself


You will likely come across some challenges or difficulties in your life which you must work through. And sometimes, when you are working through them, the method you have chosen may not work.

 In the same way, you will also make mistakes in your life. In either of these examples, you may find yourself thinking negatively about yourself. And this is a negative automatic thought pattern. No matter what has happened, you are never a failure, stupid, or any other variation of the words, so stop any thought of the sort in their path right now.


Stop  Jumping To Conclusions


You probably already know that nothing good comes from jumping to conclusions. Whenever you assume the outcome of something without knowing all the details, you jump to conclusions.; a negative thinking pattern.

 Anytime you jump to conclusions or react negatively to a situation that may not have occurred yet, you are in a negative thought pattern. You can alter your thought pattern by reminding yourself to slow down and wait until you have all the information before you react.

 Also, remember that assuming you know what someone is thinking or what the future holds falls under jumping to conclusions. Thoughts along either of these paths are also negative thought patterns that you can stop by reminding yourself to investigate and find the truth rather than making assumptions on what you don’t know.


Don’t Remove Or Disqualify The Positive


Whatever situation you may find yourself in, there is always a positive side. Sometimes you don’t see the positive and instead fixate on the negatives. Look for teh positive instead of the negative.  

 In the same manner, if you recognize the positive side yet believe that the positive could not happen, you disqualify the positive. Instead, remind yourself to focus on the positive and let all the negative details fall away.


Stop Blowing Things Out Of Proportion

You will make mistakes and face challenges in your life; we all do. That is life. But when something unplanned happens, you should be able to deal with it calmly and rationally. Catastrophizing is a hazardous thought pattern that can quickly grow out of control depending. Especially if you have an active imagination. Avoid thinking about the what-ifs. Anything can happen, but there is no sense worrying about something that has not happened and probably will not happen in your life.  

 When you face a situation that you fixate on, remind yourself to focus on the present moment. Being in the here and now keeps you more level head as you work to overcome your challenge or mistake.

 Of course, these aren’t all the negative thought patterns that could exist in your mind. Any thought that repeats repeatedly and causes you anxiety or stress is probably a negative thought pattern that you should address. If you want to live a more happy and positive life, first, you must identify the negative thoughts in your mind and learn to replace them with more positive methods of thinking.   

Being mindful of your thoughts is the first step in creating a more positive outlook and healthy, happy life.


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Suzanne Taylor

Suzanne Taylor

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