The ball has dropped and another year has passed.


Life continues on as normal.  Does it ever feel like sometimes you blink and the days pass?  Other times the months pass as fast as days.  Before you know it, you’re smack dab into middle age.  You haven’t even had a chance to noticed, I mean really notice how your body has aged and how your older self actually appears.  Especially, to you!


Aging is natural.  There is no way to completely defy the path of aging and all of us deal with physical symptoms/conditions and the emotions that come with them.  But there are new anti-aging treatments that can help!
Slow down the effects of aging
It is possible to slow down the effects of aging.  By incorporating some of the new anti-aging skincare modalities available to your daily regimen you can slow the process, look and feel great without surgical intervention.
These treatments are minimally invasive, meaning there is little downtime and risk.   They help retain your look by subtly softening and polishing your face and body.
Your confidence in how you look shouldn’t be judged as vain or selfish, and anti-aging treatments  as a way to give back to yourself for the years of taking care of others and the hard work and you put into getting to this point in your life.
Many of you have worked countless hours focused on career, raising kiddos, taking care of parents, and volunteering.  You’ve spent thousands of dollars on your education and countless hours cramming the books to get into the position you are today.
You continue to put yourself out there and handle the many demands of life.  However, too often you forget (or just don’t have the time) to realize how those demands overtake your personal need to feel good about how you look and more importantly how you perceive how you look.  Am I right?
As medical spa treatments become more accessible and dare I say a social norm, the acceptance of these interventions is more popular.
What to Expect
Many of my clients are new to medical spa interventions so when they come in and see me I am passionate about their story and the reasons they
decided to seek my help.
Many tear up as they confide in me that they just can’t believe how old they look in the mirror.  Aging is a slow process but I admit that it does seem that one day you wake up and you don’t look as good as you used to.
We discuss interventions and expectations then together we decide on a treatment plan.  I ease any fears that clients may have, and many do, that they may not look the same after getting dermal fillers or neuromodulators.  Additionally, I explain that we are entering into a  partnership, not a one and done appointment.
You can often hear me say to clients, “this is not a race to the finish line”.  I keep in mind the financial commitment that may burdensome.  I am honest in my approach to will not give more than is needed. Instead, I stay conservative with my treatments.
I like to start my clients out with a few simple treatments and then talk about the next steps.  As they continue to get older their treatment plans will change.
We are all going to age and our genetics and daily habits certainly play a direct role in how much we retain our youthful looks. Or not.
But the fact is, there are many ways to incorporate an anti-aging treatment plan for a more youthful-looking you into your goals for 2020.
Indulge a little, put that pep back into your step.  Do what makes you feel good about yourself because you only have one life to live.  Live it with confidence and without regret.  I’m here to help!

Nichole Easthouse, BSN, RN, MBA

Nichole Easthouse, BSN, RN, MBA

Owner & Nurse Injection Specialist. I have spent my career focusing on womens health, obstetrics and labor and delivery. I started my nursing career taking care of patients after plastic surgery, and that’s where it all started. I have always envisioned having my own esthetic business and aim to provide high-end results at affordable price points.

Our Ageless Esthetic team includes Marti Breitenfield – Advanced Practice Esthetician and Madelyn Holst- Advanced Practice Esthetican. We started Ageless Esthetics to bring industry awareness to the men and women of our community. The spa will provide a safe and comfortable place for patients to have the opportunity to feel better about themselves through non-invasive techniques.

Each patient will work with our team to establish a customized plan that focuses on their specific needs and desires. Advanced techniques and safe, effective products and practice ensure the best possible outcomes.