Most of us now all know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It is a shock to anyone who has ever heard the words you have cancer.  For a family member, it can be just as devastating.   Cancer affects entire families.  Simultaneously pulling them apart and bringing them together. The stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis can be debilitating, just as much as the treatment.  Strength is not the issue, even the strongest breakdown.  Putting on a brave face for others doesn’t erase the fact that life will be forever changed.  I know this personally after losing my dad to cancer and also through the words from a breast cancer survivor and dear friend
In this Wonder Series conversation, we observe Breast Cancer Awareness month and honor the women and the men who have battled breast cancer.   Our conversation with, my friend Nicole Czarnomsky, Breast Cancer Survivor and published author of the book, How Cancer Cured My Broken Soul was so powerful that I wanted to run it again for anyone who did not get a chance to see it when it originally ran in October of 2020 last year.
My wish for you after you watch the replay of this interview is to feel empowered.   To take your health into your own hands.  Be an advocate for your health and speak up if you think something isn’t right.  I hope you find Nicole’s thoughts and recommendations helpful.   Whether you are dealing with cancer or anything else that is negatively affecting your health and wellbeing.


Denise Stegall
Denise Stegall

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