For many people, the holiday season is a time of joy and excitement. However, for those who suffer from anxiety, the holidays can be a triggering time. Between the hustle and bustle of shopping and party-planning, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out. This can lead to an increase in anxiety attacks. Symptoms of an anxiety attack can include a racing heart, shortness of breath, sweating, and dizziness. If you find yourself feeling anxious during the holidays, there are some things you can do to help manage your symptoms. Remember that it’s okay to take a break if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Taking care of yourself is the best way to ensure that you keep anxiety attacks away during the Holidays. 

If you have anxiety attacks, you’re not alone. In fact, almost everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives, and over 40 million adults in the US have at least one anxiety disorder according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Anxiety is often characterized by symptoms like sweating, shaking, and feeling sick to your stomach. 

If this sounds familiar, we have good news. Living Healthy List shares a few smart tips you can leverage to keep your anxiety attacks away or manage chronic anxiety in the long term. Let’s take a look at these tips now. 


Identify Your Stressors 

You first need to identify which stressors or triggers are most problematic. Do you feel anxiety when you speak to a specific person, or when you wake up for work? Or do you feel anxiety in specific situations, such as when you are behind the wheel of a car? 

Once you identify your stressors, you can take steps to eliminate those stresses from your life or impose calming mechanisms to keep you relaxed when you would otherwise be stressed out. Now let’s break down some specific ways you can keep anxiety attacks away. 


Change Jobs 

Many Americans primarily feel anxiety due to their jobs. Some have it so bad that they start to feel anxious when they go to bed the night before a workday. If you’re unable to change jobs, ensure that you take steps to reduce your work stress. However, if you’re in the same boat, angle for a career change by going back to school and getting a new degree. 

Luckily, online degrees are flexible, affordable, and allow you to complete coursework at your own pace while you hold down your current job. For example, an online doctorate degree can give you the tools you need to up your credentials! Similar degrees include an online MBA or degrees in marketing, finance, and more. 

Of course, heading in a different direction means you’ll need to update your resume. A professional-looking, polished resume can open doors to employers more quickly, so put plenty of thought into how you phrase your accomplishments and work history. You don’t have to break the budget by hiring someone to create your resume; in fact, you can use a free resume creator online to quickly showcase your talent. Once completed, you can download it, print it out for in-person interviews or share it as a digital document like a PDF. 


Eliminate Toxic Relationships 

For many people, toxic relationships are the number one source of anxiety attacks. Our lives are heavily dominated by the people we know and interact with. Abusive spouses, significant others, or family members can lead to incessant, unstoppable anxiety. 

To care for yourself, eliminate any toxic relationships you might have as quickly as possible. Cut people off of you have to. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your mental health should be a top priority, not the emotions of other people. 


Change Your Diet 

You are what you eat, and that means you can help tackle your anxiety by changing up your diet. If you eat a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and nutritious foods like lean meats and whole grains, you’ll feel a lot better and you may be less susceptible to anxiety attacks. 


Pick Up Calming Hobbies 

Certain calming hobbies or activities, like woodworking or painting, can focus your mind and keep anxiety attacks from affecting you, even after a stressful day at work. Even better, many calming hobbies will give you a point of pride or something to look forward to. 


Seek Professional Help 

If all else fails, speak about your anxiety attacks to a professional therapist. While you may need to meet with multiple therapists before you find one who truly connects with you, the right therapist can: 

  • Teach you ways to handle your anxiety attacks 
  • Teach strategies to prevent anxiety from affecting you in the first place 
  • Help you cope with long-term anxiety 
  • Help you identify the source of your anxiety 

A therapist can help you master your mind like no one else. 


You Can Triumph Over Anxiety 

Overall, anxiety is a burden you can overcome so long as you keep trying. While your anxiety attacks may never fully cease, the right lifestyle and coping mechanisms – including identifying triggers, ending toxic relationships, picking up calming hobbies, and even changing jobs – will allow you to enjoy life in spite of anxiety and triumph over it each time it tries to take hold. 

Looking to better your life? Living Healthy List can connect with an expert to help you with health, wellness, personal development, and fun! 


Guest Blogger: Sheila Johnson

“Five years ago, Sheila Johnson was a successful career woman working at a fast-paced tech company, working 80-hour work weeks to climb the corporate ladder. She earned a six-figure salary, ran a small team, and won industry awards. On paper, her career looked impressive. Behind the scenes, however, her physical and mental health weren’t shining.” Sheila now provides life-changing tools, tips, resources, and coaching services to help you live your best life.

Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger

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