…and How to Fire Her!

It’s my freshman year.  I walk down the hall.  I’m late.  I hear my shoes echo.  I’m heading into the classroom of my least favorite teacher of my first year in high school, Mrs. Smith. I knew about Mrs. Smith before I meet her.  Her reputation preceded her.

Mrs. Smith’s high pitched voice grates on my sensitive ears. She’s got wrinkles on her forehead from all the scrunching she does in order to convey that she doesn’t understand any of our questions.

“Huh?!” Is what her forehead says – not out of curiosity, but of shaming the person questioning.

Once she asked me to stay after school so she could sit me down and tell me:

“You are the worst student I have ever met.  You’re not smart, you’re disrespectful, and I can’t be bothered dealing with someone like you.”Her forehead was screaming at me this whole time.  “I am transferring you to basic English.”

Somewhere along the line I internalized Mrs. Smith and she became my inner bully.  She is the voice in my head that haunts me and at times keeps me small, scared, and unable to share my genius.  She’s always telling me I’ve got nothing worthwhile to give and that what I do want to share won’t add value.  I have learned to no longer believe her bullying.

Who is your Mrs. Smith?

What keeps you hidden and in fear?  Whether you’re aware of it or not, this inner bully keeps you from stepping out and sharing your genius.

What else does they keep you from doing?

  • Writing your book?
  • Speaking up in circles?
  • Being seen on social media?
  • Launching your next big, bold, and brave project?

I imagine you want to grow your biz, share your wisdom, and impact people in a powerfully positive way, BUT, your mean inner bully is standing in your way and keeping you hidden, silent, and full of shame.

In order to overcome your Mrs. Smith, the first thing you have to do is UNDERSTAND your inner bully’s purpose, and the role it serves in your life.  It actually wants you to believe that it is keeping you safe. (And small). So it’s never forced to grow or keep up with your brilliance.

It’s time to fire your inner bully and hire your genius – the genie-in-us.

Your genius lives at the source of your innermost shine; the deepest, most authentic part of your being. From it, you create your most brilliant work, connect in ways that are both empowering and receptive, and break down the barriers the inner bully tries to build around it.

The genius is daring, brave, and vibrant. When your genius shines, you shine. And the world can feel it.

If you’re tired of being bossed around by your inner bully and you’re ready to let yourself shine, I invite you to join me for a session of expanding your awareness of your own Mrs. Smith and how it keeps you from creating what you want… in your business and life.

This is an opportunity to stand strong in your authentic self and get to know the truth of who you really are.  In this safe connected place, I guide you to create a plan to play even BIGGER.

Your voice gets to be heard.  Your values get to be celebrated.

I can’t wait to help you see how your inner bully is getting in your way and show you how to change that fast.

Welcome home to your most authentic wise self.

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