Change is difficult and it can be incredibly uncomfortable.  What if it wasn’t so hard?  If I told you that there are three words with the power to change your life, would you believe me?

These three simple words can change your mindset and perspective.  They Can bring joy, enhance your performance and attract people to you.

Too often we talk about the things we have to do instead of the amazing things we get to do.

  • I have to take my kids to practice
  • I have to spend the weekend with my in-laws

With three simple words, We can re-frame our mindset and live in joy, happiness, contentment, and freedom.

What are these words?

I Get To!

I told you that they were simple. Do you see the difference between get to and have to?

Have to” shows need or obligation. “Get to” means privilege.

Replace the phrase have to with “get to” every chance you get!


  • I get to live this life. When others may have died young
  • I get to eat healthy food- where others may not have any food
  • I get to make a difference. In my children’s lives and the lives of my clients

Recognize: that you need a mindset change. Notice the areas in your life that cause frustration and evaluate how you react to them. Nothing is ever as bad as we claim.  Usually, it’s more of an inconvenience.

How you respond to something dictates the outcome.  I think Jack Canfield said that.  So, be careful with your words.  When you say negative words, negative outcomes prevail.

When you reframe a complaining woe-is-me attitude into a positive appreciative one you completely change the outcome of any situation in your life.   And we all know a positive attitude is the first step towards living a healthy and happy life!

Every day is a gift. Not an obligation

Every day you have the opportunity to learn, grow, teach, help, guide, and love.  It is up to you, you have the power!

You get to Make it a Great Day!

Healthy Living, Happy Life!