Connecting today looks very different than it does just two years ago. We spend a lot of time on social media and online. We may even connect with new people with whom we have things in common.  However real connections require you to communicate, something we have been out of touch with as so many of our conversations are virtual.  How do you communicate with others will dictate how deep of a connection you will make.

Let’s talk about true connection by communicating who we are and what we are all about.

There are different types of communication, verbal and nonverbal. Nonverbal are things like eye contact, facial expressions, body language, etc.  How do you communicate with others without saying a word?

Most of us struggle with verbal communication. Especially speaking Infront of an audience or sharing your ideas at a meeting.  On a smaller scale, many of us struggle to communicate with our bosses (how comfortable are you in asking for a raise?   What about when you are talking to your spouse or your family?  Clear communication is vital to healthy relationships and a happy Ife.

This month on the Wonder Series we are going to talk to our guests about how to communicate with ourselves and others.

Catch the entire episode below!

Did you know that working with a coach can help you communicate your wants, needs, and desires so you can succeed in creating true connections.  Read more here!