It all starts with PURPOSE.  

What a different story people would have to tell if they would adopt a DEFINITE PURPOSE and stand by that PURPOSE until it had time to become an ALL-CONSUMING PURPOSE. Napoleon Hill

When was the last time you sat down and really thought about YOUR purpose? 

If you’re like most women, it’s been a while…if ever, right?  

  • Too many things to do
  • Too many people to see
  • Too many messes to clean

Sound familiar?  

The problem is when you don’t know your purpose, you spend your day REACTING to everything and everyone around you. You begin to make your day all about serving everyone else’s – spouse, kids, boss, coworker, neighbor, friend, people on the street…

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to serve others…but if you’re not careful, others can start to RUN your life.  No wonder most women feel like they don’t have the time, money or energy to focus on what they are called to do… and find themselves living life just one day after the next.


When you know your PURPOSE, you will RESPOND to life with RESILIENCE.


Think about the last time you went on a ROAD TRIP

Chances are you had a definite purpose before you left your driveway, right?

  • To visit your extended family
  • To spend time with your spouse
  • To see a new part of the country

No matter your purpose, you knew where you were going and WHY.

Then along the way, as you encountered traffic, turn-offs, tourist stops…

you decided how to respond to each one based on knowing your purpose.  

  • Did you need a different route? 
  • Did you want to see where it led?
  • Did you have time to stop?

If it fits in with your purpose, you adjusted your itinerary…and if it didn’t, you kept on truckin’ to your destination. 

The same is true in life. When you know your purpose, you can RESPOND to the people, situations, and circumstances that come along the way and decide whether or not to give it your focus based on whether or not it fits in your purpose.


A DEFINITE PURPOSE guides your ambitions, vision, and goals.

“If you fail to determine your definite purpose, everything else is wrong.  It’s like working with a broken compass- you may think you’re going North, but you’re not. You’re not sure which direction you’re heading, so you’re just wandering aimlessly.” Bob Proctor

So while you may not feel like you have time to figure out your PURPOSE…

I’m here to tell you, you DON’T have time NOT to.

Imagine knowing your purpose before your day starts…how would it look different?

Think of all the time, money, and energy you would save!

Chances are you would take action towards what matters most first.

And when life happens, cuz it will, you will respond with resilience and get right back on track with your purpose.

So what’s a girl to do to discover her PURPOSE?

I’m so glad you asked…

  1. List 3 things (or more) that energize you…what gets you going even if you’re tired?
  2. Choose 3 words that resonate with you…what do you want to describe your life?
  3. List 3 groups of people you desire to serve…who are you most drawn to and why?
  4. Write a purpose statement that brings it all together…what do you want life to be about?


It may take some writing and rewriting, but I promise that if you take the time to write it out (and read it daily) it will make all the difference in how you respond to what comes at you in your day.  

You’ll no longer say you don’t have the time, money, or energy, because you will find once you know your purpose, you CAN’T NOT live it out…no matter what is going on around you.

Knowing your PURPOSE makes you RESILIENT.

Want to clarify your purpose?  I’d love to help.  Schedule a GOAL-ACHIEVED Success Call and let’s discover it together.  Connect with me, here!


Lissa Figgins

Lissa Figgins

Feel like life pulls you in too many directions…and you’re not fully present anywhere?

I’m Lissa, Time Management Coach & Recovering To-do List Girl who went from over-whelmed to on-purpose with a simple plan to Redeem my Time…for who + what matters most. And I’ve been teaching, coaching & leading Christian women for over 25 years.

As a wife, mom & leader, my life was too busy– I was showing up on the outside, but not fully present on the inside. I knew something had to change. I started asking God what He wanted me to focus on, and that’s when I started to be more present.

Now I’ve created space in my schedule for growing in my faith, enjoying date night with my hubby, supporting my young adult childern, pouring into other women, serving at my church- and taking care of me…finally!

It’s time for you to have the same. Because YOU are here for such a TIME as this.


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