Many people spend most of their life working, for money or not. When you are aligned with how you are expressing yourself, life is more fulfilling, and you are healthier. Your resilience can soar when you are spending more of your time and energy doing something you enjoy most days.

You are here for a purpose. Sometimes clarifying what that is can be confusing. When in doubt, be a kind human being. This makes a positive impact on the world no matter what. If that is all any of us did, it would be enough to make the world a better place.

There are also practices you can do to discern what is true for you. The external world can be loud with expectations, obligations, assumptions, pressure, shame, or guilt of what you “should” be doing with your life.  To get clear on your purpose, go within.

I recommend a holistic approach to this internal discovery process. Connect with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit to support you. You can play with this if you are just starting out with purpose discovery as well as if you are evolving the next phase of your work and yourself.


As a body-centered person, I have found that connecting with my body first helps to pave the way for less external noise and more internal clarity. As an energy-sensitive person, I have had to learn to destress from the outer world, like taking layers off on a cold day, so that I can hear my inner voice more clearly. I might walk in nature, take a yoga or dance class, do a silent or chakra meditation, or even take a nap. I am also doing these activities with the intention of creating more space for my wise self to speak about my purpose or just my best next step.


Share your thoughts on paper, aloud to a trusted friend, or a voice memo to yourself. Sometimes it can be helpful to express what is not your purpose or what you don’t want to clear the inner air. Then, focus on what lights you up! Here are a few questions to spark you:

  • What are you doing when you lose track of time?
  • Remember what you loved as a child?
  • What pisses you off? (This may show areas you are passionate about)

There are many more queries and questions and a range of resources that can spur on your inner reflections. After you do some of these, you might be ready to take a nap!


What do you LOVE or appreciate deeply? Your responses may or not be related to your purpose and that is OK. Connecting with how you feel is the focus here. Higher vibrational emotional states offer you an expanded view of possibilities. It is like the difference between attempting to get clarity from the bottom of a mountain or the top of it.


This can mean whatever you want it to mean: God, Goddess, Source, Universe, Energy, Oneness, and more. The point is to connect with this aspect of yourself for support of an expanded version of yourself. There are many possibilities to connect: time in Nature, oracle-like card decks, i.e. angel cards or tarot, music, movement, prayer, journaling, creating an altar, and more. As you connect, you may receive guidance right away or it may come later the next day, or longer. Trust the process and most of all yourself.

Remember, life is not linear. Discovering and discerning your purpose is a journey that will unfold throughout your whole life. The most important action is to be willing to show up for the best expression of who you are and why you are here. Your health depends on it!

Feel free to share your discoveries with me!  Click here to connect.

Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA

Lisa Medley, MA, CMT believes as we create more love in the body, we create more love in the world. She serves as an Embodiment Mentor and has over 20 years’ experience in the healing arts including a MA in Expressive Therapy, life and wellness coaching, therapeutic massage and bodywork, somatics, energy medicine, and conscious movement & dance. Lisa is energetically sensitive that blesses her with a strong divine connection and challenges her to stay centered in an overwhelming world. She has discovered that honoring body wisdom is the key to sustaining wellbeing and soul evolution with more ease and grace. Learn more