You believe our story is true. We all do!  The world allows you to gather the evidence you want e to confirm your belief. Yet you reject and ignore any information or influences that might poke holes in that story.   You are not objective when it comes to the stories you tell ourselves especially regarding the reasons your life is the way it is. Then you feel stuck going around in circles.  Can you relate?

The biggest influence on human behavior is the story you tell yourself in your head.  If you change your story you change your world.
Your thoughts are in control of this endless loop.  So, how can we influence a different outcome?


Steps to Change Your Story

1. You begin by taking responsibility. It is within your power to recognize behavior that no longer serves us. This may be the first step in recognizing your role in perpetuating the narrative we tell ourselves today.

2. Turn thoughts into a positive purpose. When you revisit your past pain focus on finding a purpose.

3. Celebrate that you are all here on earth to bring joy not pain.

4. Ask yourself Can I rise above it, overcome it, or transform it. Those are
questions that can launch a new perspective to own your story and creating a new journey.

Although you can handle the past, you also must cope with what’s right in front of you.  You will still have fears, pain, and doubts.


What action can take today to stay in that positive mindset?

1. Picture the problem in your mind envision it. Change it in your brain to a
positive outcome. What do you see, what excitement will you feel?
Concentrate on belief by acknowledging your inner voice.

Allow yourself to feel thrilled.

2. Find a person that you admire. A motivational speaker or someone who has attained success in the area you want to be in. If it is truly yours it will
resonate with you. If you can say this is what I wish I was doing then it may be your purpose too.

3. Having courage. The courage to change and take action is an amazing step towards mastering your Journey. It is the step that puts you into action. Once you have left that relationship, started a business, or find peace and joy in your life, you will know serenity and no longer regret the past but see it as a place of growth no longer filled with fear and resentment.

Honing the skills to rewire your brain and own your story, know your worth and master the journey is not a quick fix. It takes practice and repetitive thinking to rewire old patterns.

Writing it down is a powerful tool to see it on paper and see what

Write a new story and see how it changes you.

Hack Your Way Well,
Lisa Tuccio