Frustration is one of those emotions you can experience for so many different reasons. External circumstances that are not ideal for you or internal circumstances, like perimenopause or something that just isn’t clicking for you in your inner world.

 Whatever the reason may be, you need to know that frustration is not there to make your present moment miserable, nor is it meant to be a setback for you. Instead, it is teh perfect opportunity to remove the veil of how you have been interpreting your frustration will be so crucial. 


Your Frustration IS Your Liberation

I want to offer you the perspective that can liberate you from so much headache and heartache. Your frustration IS your liberation. Take a moment to consider that. Read on, and I will show you how you can make this emotion work in your favor.

 Because of my personal experience with frustration, I y offer a course on how to transform this emotion. I constantly use these tools myself whenever I experience frustration at any moment in my day-to-day life.


1. First thing is; first, frustration is there because it has an important message for you. When you start from this premise, you no longer judge this feeling. You no longer resist it. Instead, you lean in, you get curious. Curiosity rather than resistance is crucial because that’s how you will start to extract the message of your frustration. 


2. Once you are in a state of curiosity, sit with that frustration. Sit with it. Make sure you give yourself time with no interruptions.  Many people find meditation useful in this practice. Allow yourself to feel your frustration. Ask yourself: Where am I feeling it? How does it feel? Does it feel heavy? Light? If it had a shape, what shape would it be? Get familiar with your emotion. It’s feedback from your true essence, which is your soul.

 When you allow yourself to feel all your emotions and take the time to sit with them, you are truly taking care of yourself. Ignoring what you feel because it is uncomfortable is equivalent to neglecting a crying child. This emotion is a part of you, and it is your job to take care of all parts of you. By doing so, you experience self-love in its most profound form.


3. Now it’s time to get its message. As you feel and can “see” your frustration in all its form, it’s time to ask it some questions. Ask your questions in “you” form as if you’re asking someone a question, only that you’re asking your frustration the questions. Why do you feel the way you do? Is there anything else that you feel besides frustration? If so, what else is it? Why are you experiencing this feeling? What triggered you? What do you need from me in order not to feel this way?


4. Receive the message and take action. Write down in a journal or a notebook everything that came up for you. You want to write it all down because your memory may miss critical things. They may be crucial and provide clues regarding how to alleviate your frustration. Once you have written everything down, look for the keywords or phrases. Look for the patterns and find the messages.

 Now that you have the message, you must figure out the next steps. What are the things that this emotion is asking of you? What do you need to do differently moving forward, and what will change? 

 Once you understand the message your frustration offers, you can remove anything that no longer works for you. Move away from your old ways or habits and welcome new ones. You will gain awareness not only of yourself but also of the season you are in at this moment in your life.

 Frustration is there to get you to liberate yourself from something that no longer serves you. By extracting the message, you have created a liberating experience. Listen and repeat as often as necessary.  

 I am here to support you so connect with me here for more information. 







Aura E. Martinez

Aura E. Martinez

Aura E. Martinez is a Self-Discovery & Empowerment Coach, creator of the Aura Blueprint™ and author of the book Creating a Lifetime of Wellness: Start Having the Life You Deserve. Aura helps women gain total clarity in their purpose so they can wake up to a life of daily fulfillment and certainty. She is also the founder of Live to the Max™/Viva al máximo™.

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