Do you know that “silver lining” that people are always looking for? I’m here to tell you that even in this challenging time, it’s there. These may be the scariest time ever and that you feel as if you are flying without a net.  I assure you, there is still something positive to be found!  It just may take you a bit longer but you can find your silver lining in these troubled times.
Spring is a time of renewal and growth. It can be for you too.
Here are seven different questions to ask yourself to get started.
  • What are you learning about yourself that is surprising to you?
  • How have you been stronger than you thought you could be?
  • How can you/have you help(ed) others through this difficult time?
  • What new things have you found you enjoy doing?
  • How are you proud of yourself for how you have handled a crisis?
  • What is possible now that wasn’t before?
  • What beauty can you find in the stillness?
Are you still trying to find your silver lining in these troubled times?  It’s important to live in the moment as not to stress about the uncertainty of the immediate future.
Give yourself the “Gift of Growth” and create the space to ask yourself these kinds of questions – and if it helps – write down some answers. Journaling can help you feel better, find focus, and support self-discovery. But even just taking a few moments daily to check in with yourself and focus on what’s possible will help to keep you positive and on track.
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