Disability was what has defined me for a long time and I had become comfortable with my financial situation so for a long time I stayed the course. However, I began to question whether I was living up to my purpose.  Whether I was happy.   Is the fear of doing something to change my situation greater than the comfort of staying put? The reality was I had a  fear of transitioning off of disability and what those implications would be, but I wanted more. I felt a call to want to help others overcome big obstacles and be relatable and maybe you do too. 

Not everybody wants to grow a business but if you feel like you want to connect with a deeper purpose, we can create our best selves. Here are some steps to consider.


 Grow in your empowerment 

Building self-confidence is a critical first step. Disease can take from us. Your energy may be depleted, motivation and self-worth may be at an all-time low. I worked on this step for a long time. The tools I started with began with finding the people I needed to be around who were encouraging. People who would boost me up,  and believe in me despite anything they may know about me and the shame I felt about my illnesses.  

Early on I was told, “stop telling yourself you are disabled.” It took some understanding that I was manifesting my future self by how I viewed who I was. Disabled defined me.

When I began to believe in myself and found courage then the possibility of change became a reality. My fear of transitioning off of disability no longer hold me back from accomplishing things in my life.


Envision and Develop  

What would you like to do more of? Is it business? Then brainstorm what it could look like. Envision what success felt like and where you would want to end up, so you feel excited and energetic about the possibilities. For Example, you want to change your health for the better then you must find the activities that would be doable for you.  Dream the possibilities of achieving that goal. What you would feel like?  How could it enrich your life and those around you? Research the people who are doing what you would want to do or who teaches it. 


Get the Facts  

Disability insurance is a big deal to consider losing. Knowing the facts matter in making any changes that may result in accumulating an income.  The best cure to fear is knowing what’s next.  

  1. Call Social Security and find out about their program for returning to work.  They may be more helpful then you think. 
  2. Money, ask how the transition occurs as you make money. What is the timeline? 
  3. Can I get back on disability if my health changes?  
  4. What if I cannot sustain the income I need? 
  5. What happens to my health insurance? 
  6. If you have personal long-term insurance the same thing applies. 
  7. Know how much you can makeover your monthly income.  
  8. Consult an attorney for detailed information.  


This is our superpower!  Find what makes you happy and envision what the road to your success could look like. If you’re willing to step out on the edge you can become clear about your disability and how to navigate what your needs may be. You can become clear on what it means to you. Go to school, buildup your health, or dare to dream.  




Preparing yourself for this transition is not an easy journey, it’s hard!  You will need the support of your family and friends. It is a bit of a balancing act. Think of it this way if one leg of a stool is broken, it is difficult for it to stand and impossible to sit on.   Prepare for your success with personal commitment and a willingness to put pen to paper.  You need to write down the pro’s and con’s and what it is that you want to achieve. The current situation with COVID may make it more difficult to overcome strong emotions about change.   

When I developed my self-worth I surrounded myself with courageous people who had succeeded before me. They are the ones that helped me lay out the road map to my own success. The question becomes and is for every person who takes on the journey of entrepreneurship or change is, Jumping and leaving something. They have all had the emotional tie to a job or what they felt gave them security.  Don’t limit yourself because of fear, be open to an unlimited vision. 

I understand the fear of transitioning off disability and starting a new life because I have felt it and still do so I can help.  Connect with me and Hack your Way Well.