Boredom is often cited as a top reason why sex in a long-term relationship fizzles. In your attempt to enhance your sexual experience, you may introduce sex tricks, sex toys, sex talk to your love life. While tricks are great treats to throw into the mix every now and again, they cannot sustain the thrill in the long run.   Novelty acts never win over the real thing.  Don’t throw away your toys, but understand that for the long haul you need something else.  Sensuous love requires your individual Fantabulous Five.  Using your five senses can and will provide hours of sensual/sexual bliss in a natural and distinctively personal way. Yes, all you need for sensuous love is your 5 senses.

Living life through your five senses is what puts pleasure in the mundane details that dominate our lives. Sensuous living keeps you grounded in the moment and makes you happier and more appreciative of the world around you. The same is true of sensuous love. Staying mindful of all that you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste while making love increases your pleasure and keeps your mind and body in the present, thus making you more responsive to your partner. Sensuous loving also helps you create memorable sexual experiences together, rather than simply engaging in sexual acts.

Stimulate Your Senses

Incorporating anything that stimulates your five senses will boost your lovemaking experience to another level. Try different music, textures, locations—things that incorporate your mood and individual preferences at the time. Not every lovemaking session need not be candlelight and roses though that can be nice as well. Feeling raw and passionate?  Turn on some music with a pumping beat. Make love on the sisal rug in the living room, and enjoy the rough, sensual side of your passion. Feeling cozy and romantic? Make love wrapped in the cool feel of cotton sheets, with the rain as your soundtrack.

Studies show that certain scents like rose, patchouli, and sandalwood increase sexual desire. Have your favorite scents ready to ignite with the flick of a match or a quick spritz adds another sensual layer to your lovemaking. The scents radiating from your partner are perhaps the sexiest of all. Take time to breathe in your lover, from the hint of shampoo left in his hair to his natural body smells.

Food and drink may be tools for your lovemaking, but don’t feel pressure to make every romp in bed a buffet.  Different flavored breath mints add sensory variety to your kiss.  Experience the variety of natural tastes of your lover’s skin and body on your tongue.

Great sex need not always be a major production full of props and preplanning. It really is as simple as being mindful of the sensory stimulation available in your surroundings, tuning in to your present mood, and using your imagination to incorporate these elements into your lovemaking.  Read here for a little more let’s say, motivation. Aside from everything else enjoy!

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Hi, I’m Lori Certified Spiritual Love Coach, Author, Confidence Peddler, Angel Scribe, Irreverent Spiritualist, Girl Power Advocate, Love Connoisseur, Sun Lover, Cloud Watcher, Founder, SOL Innovations Coaching Group, The SOLSexy Transformation program and Proud Mom. That’s me, but here’s my official bio:

Lori is a fierce advocate for self-love and the positive ripple effect it has on the larger world. She is an intuitive life/spiritual coach, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), author, speaker, and teacher who specializes in 1:1 life coaching centered around self-love and soul alignment. She is also a transformational coach with We Inspire Justice, a social impact group who works with celebrities, influencers and content providers to promote equality, diversity and social justice within the entertainment industry and beyond.

Lori is an Emmy award-winning writer, and author of eight books, and is currently working on her ninth. She is a passionate and motivating speaker who has facilitated workshops all over the country and in Mexico. She is the Health and Wellness Director for the Life Luxe Jazz Festival and is responsible for the creative development and execution of the two-day programming centered around financial, physical, and emotional wellness for POC. She is a founding expert and programming chair of the Living Healthy List, an online source for honest and reliable information of health, wellness, personal development.

Her motto: True Masters Learn through Joy