How much of a role does kissing play in your sex life? If not much, it’s time to get those lips back in action.

Kissing is so important. It’s the way we begin our journey into sexuality and it will be the main attraction as we reach the end of our sensual lives. So, if you’re looking to revitalize your love life, it all starts with a kiss.


Your Lips Will Never Let You Down

Kissing is the most intimate of sex acts but unfortunately, it is the first thing that goes once we discover orgasms, and sex becomes more goal-oriented. A little forward thinking here: remember, the time will come when your body will lose its physical ability to be fully sexual as it once was, but your lips–those lovely, luscious, sexy lips–will never let you down.

And even in your prime sexual years (and beyond), kissing helps you maintain a playful intimacy and is always the one thing you can say yes to, even when your body, exhausted by child-rearing, work, premenstrual bloating or post-menopausal dryness, says no.


Rediscover the Joy of Kissing

Even if your kisser hasn’t been getting the workout it deserves these past few years, worry not. You can be up to speed in no time. Just keep in mind:

To rediscover kissing, practice hard and often. The key is to start slow and explore. Experiment to determine your style. Are you primarily a begin-light-and-end-strong kind of kisser? A lip-bite, tongue-flick kind of girl? A slow, seductive explorer? Or do you simply respond to someone else’s kiss? Knowing your basic style allows you to try out pressure and touch and add to your repertoire so you can mix it up.

Experiment with pressure and touch not only to see how you like to kiss and be kissed (there’s a series of kisses just right for you, Goldilocks!), but also use their mouth and your tongue to instruct them how you like to be kissed elsewhere on your body. This can be quite fun and will be instructive to both of you.


What Great kissers know

Great kissers know that it’s not about the lips or the technique as much as it is about the origin of a kiss. An amazing kiss comes from the heart and soul. Your mouth is merely the conduit that delivers the message of your mood, emotions, and intent. An effective kiss really is like a passionate dance—whether it be a tango, or waltz or salsa—and by translating the music in your head (i.e. thoughts) through your lips, you are guaranteed to make your lover’s head spin!

Here’s a little final sumthin’ sumthin’ about to know about kissing and being good with your mouth. After the genitals, the lips are the most sensitive part of the body. They’re stuffed with nerve endings and can give and receive hours of pleasure.

And might I add, that the entire body is covered with skin–your most sensitive body organ. So the combination of lips on skin, wherever it is, is lovely, so go forth and KISS.



Hi, I’m Lori Certified Spiritual Love Coach, Author, Confidence Peddler, Angel Scribe, Irreverent Spiritualist, Girl Power Advocate, Love Connoisseur, Sun Lover, Cloud Watcher, Founder, SOL Innovations Coaching Group, The SOLSexy Transformation program and Proud Mom. That’s me, but here’s my official bio:

Lori is a fierce advocate for self-love and the positive ripple effect it has on the larger world. She is an intuitive life/spiritual coach, certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), author, speaker, and teacher who specializes in 1:1 life coaching centered around self-love and soul alignment. She is also a transformational coach with We Inspire Justice, a social impact group who works with celebrities, influencers and content providers to promote equality, diversity and social justice within the entertainment industry and beyond.

Lori is an Emmy award-winning writer, and author of eight books, and is currently working on her ninth. She is a passionate and motivating speaker who has facilitated workshops all over the country and in Mexico. She is the Health and Wellness Director for the Life Luxe Jazz Festival and is responsible for the creative development and execution of the two-day programming centered around financial, physical, and emotional wellness for POC. She is a founding expert and programming chair of the Living Healthy List, an online source for honest and reliable information of health, wellness, personal development.

Her motto: True Masters Learn through Joy