‘Tis the season of giving, so I thought I’d give you, my dear friends, the gift of KNOWLEDGE– sorry I didn’t wrap it!

Most likely, you have a long list of people to GIVE to this season- kids, grandkids, spouse, mother, father, siblings, cousins, teachers, coaches, friends, mentors…

Are YOU on the list?

It’s tempting to make it all about everyone else, especially at the holidays…and put yourself on the back burner (once again).

Have you ever said, “I don’t have time to take care of me.” Or, “It’s selfish to spend time, money, and energy on myself.”

Me too. May I lovingly correct you? 

I believe it’s actually selfish NOT to give to yourself first, especially when it comes to your wellness. Did you ever stop to think that when you get too busy to take care of yourself and make healthy choices, you are not at your best…and that means no one else gets very much of you either?

Wouldn’t you rather GIVE everyone the BEST YOU -you can be?

It starts with the choices you make every day about what goes in your mouth…now before you go saying you don’t have time to do healthy during the holidays and you’ll start back on a plan in the New Year, let me offer you this gift…


4 tips to stay on track with your healthy eating during the holidays

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day– you may think you’re hungry, which is often thirst, and redirecting a craving by drinking a glass of water first may help you walk away because you realize you’re not as hungry as you thought….then truly walk away for another distraction from the temptation before you.


  • Eat every 4-5 hours and include the #FAB4– protein, healthy fat, fiber, and greens/veggies will keep you going strong between meals and you won’t be crashing your blood sugar and reaching for the sugar and carbs as a quick fix…elongating your blood sugar curve will actually help you body burn more fat instead of storing it for later.


  • Drink a “Roadie” vegan protein shake on the way to an event– filling up beforehand will cut down on filling up from the smorgasbord of food awaiting you when you arrive. This one small choice will help you eat slowly and mindfully and focus on people, which is the real reason we gather in this season.


  • Offer to bring a vegetable-based dish to pass– we all know there will likely be turkey and plenty of carbs to go around, so bringing something green will not only add color to the table but vitamins and nutrients as well and give you a healthy option to fill your plate… and who knows, it may inspire others to ask for the recipe.


  • Avoid Food FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and eating too much of the foods you know you should eat in moderation during the holidays check out this recent article also on Living Healthy List.


So there you go- I trust that was helpful.


You CAN enjoy the holidays and still stay on track…and give everyone the BEST YOU.

So now that we’ve covered your health, did you know there are 6 other key areas of your life that if you prioritize will help you truly GIVE your best to others all year long? 

I’d love to share…

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And GIVE the BEST GIFT of YOU this holiday.

Lissa Figgins
Lissa Figgins

Ever feel like that fly on the window that desperately desires to be free on the outside and thinks flapping your wings harder will help you break through? There’s a much easier way to achieve your goals! Lissa Figgins is a GOAL-ACHIEVEMENT Success Coach for After 40 Women and host of the popular podcast RePURPOSED After 40. As a coach, author, trainer and speaker she teaches and inspires women like you to ReDESIGN your results to be that Goal-Achieved Girl who reaches the goals she sets….and do it faster and easier than you’d expect.

Doesn’t she sound amazing? She is YOU with your goal achieved.

Lissa was that girl who had NO goals, then had goals she DIDN’T reach…until she finally discovered the KEY to exchange the Thoughts + Actions that got her where she was, to the ones that would take her to NEW levels where she desired to be…and beyond!

Her favorite quote is, “Never DIY your greatest priorities.”

Since then, she has inspired thousands of after 40 women on this journey and it’s her mission to help YOU Live RePURPOSED too.

Lissa loves reading and running, healthy living and mentoring, hiking and organizing, leading and exploring, learning and teaching, and lots of Jesus, dark chocolate, and real conversations over a cuppa detox tea.

And more than anything she would love to help YOU become that Goal-Achieved Girl too.

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