It’s so easy to do… You want to eat healthy foods, and so as you push your cart into the grocery store, you start scanning for the words “healthy”, “low fat”, “enriched with vitamins and iron”, “sugar-free”, “low sodium” or “gluten-free”.

You start filling your cart with these items, trusting that they’re going to be better for you, but unfortunately, they’re probably not.

So why is health food making us feel un-healthy – even downright sick?

What the food manufacturing companies don’t tell you is that in order to make the food taste good, without the undesirable ingredient (sugar, gluten, fat, etc.), they’ve added something in its place. And this “something” is usually a chemical additive or another highly sensitive ingredient.

And then the marketing comes in… A yogurt brand may claim it is healthier because it is “low fat” – or even “fat-free”. But when you look at the list of ingredients, you will see that it has way more sugar than the full-fat version – and is likely to be full of artificial flavors and other additives.

By the way, flavored yogurts are just one of the 5 foods I suggest you remove from your pantry/fridge to immediately cut a huge chunk out of your daily sugar intake – without too much effort. Go and read my post to find out what the other 4 foods are…

5 Items to Remove from Your Pantry Immediately to Eat Less Sugar

And the food companies love to capitalize on the latest diet fad, leading with this in their marketing. So just because something is low carb, or high in protein, gluten-free, or enriched with vitamins – doesn’t mean it is necessarily “healthy”. And depending on your particular food intolerance, it may actually wreak havoc in your body.

Now, if you feel like you’ve been taken in by some of these empty promises of healthy food, then please don’t despair. The food companies spend millions of dollars a year trying to buy our trust and quite frankly manipulate us.

But you can put an end to all of that by getting smarter than the food label. This is something I teach in my Rebalance 1X1 private coaching. You’ll become the judge of whether something is healthy for you or not. And you’ll get super savvy about the food products you’ll allow into your shopping cart.

This takes a bit of work at first, but by joining my Rebalance 1X1 Coaching Program, you’ll have the journey clearly mapped out in front of you, and you’ll have me as your guide. And believe me – I was duped by food labels for many years before I took the power back – and got my health back with it.

I’d love to help you to get both your health – and your power – back!


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