For far too long, natural organic-based products have been considered a “girlie thing”.  Organic products are those made and used the way Mother Nature intended.  As more research is conducted on the importance of natural products and their benefit to our health, men want to be in on the action.  Organic self- care products for men are all the rage.  And why not!

Women are traditionally inclined towards natural products in their daily personal care and diet regimes. Nowadays as more men learn the value of healthy, natural lifestyles, the balance is definitely becoming more equal from a gender perspective. Online and in stores you can find organic self- care products for men.

A Google search on “men and organic products” results in a plethora of famous magazines such as GQ and Business Insider touting the next best organic self-care products for men.  Men are beginning to notice!

According to a 2015 CNBC report, mampering has become a solid and important aspect of the male regime. A play on the word pampering, mampering refers to new age men who aren’t afraid or ashamed to take care of themselves.

Men are no longer afraid of societal repercussions, real or perceived for taking care of themselves, their health, and embrace the idea!

When it comes to self-care men aren’t afraid to pull out their wallets.  Especially when it comes to their health which seems to be the driving force behind organic-based products are getting so much attention. Additionally, we find that men are willing to pay a higher price for organic foods as well.

A recent study clearly displays that men are now increasing consumer demand for the natural cosmetic market. Their reasons?  The use of unhealthy chemicals, animal testing, and a desire for plant-based ingredients are fuelling their decision to opt for natural forms of cosmetics and personal care.

What can Organic products Be Used for?

Dry Skin

Let’s face it, man or woman, no one likes wrinkles.  Dry skin, especially in the colder months can wreak havoc but if we don’t take care, the damage can sometimes be permanent.

The answer – moisturize daily, morning, and night.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body so taking care of it isn’t as simple as you would think. Skin goes through loads of changes during the day, so we recommend using a day cream for the day time when your skin is facing the elements.   In the evening a night cream is important to help your skin recover and is ready for the morning.  There are a number of organic self- care products for men in the form of day and night creams.

Itchy scalp

Dandruff is embarrassing.  No one’s falling for snowflakes being the latest shoulder pad fad.  It’s also such a bore to have to wear your clothes to match your scalp’s whims and fancies.  White-T-shirt anyone?

Here’s a natural remedy that should set your hair follicles and the pores on your scalp straight!

  • Purchase Neem leaves or Neem powder from your local Health Food store/Indian Grocery store
  • Dilute the leaves/powder in some warm water and let it sit overnight.
  • Wash out the next day and wait patiently.

Like most things natural/organic based the change isn’t going to miraculously occur overnight but stick with it and you will see a change. Best of all, you should feel the pesky itchiness slowly disappears as well.

Don’t sweat it


Men generally like their exercise which in turn makes them sweat!  Sweating can be good but what you lose a lot of moisture when you work or work out.

Moisture keeps your skin replenished.  No one likes the look or feel of dehydrated skin.  To keep healthy, glowing skin use a natural body lotion which is often thinner than other creams.  Natural body lotions are easier to apply to your skin and more absorbent which is also kinder to that new suit you just bought.  Some of these lotions are for anyone but you can find organic lotions with manly scents.


Foot Folly

Okay, there’s a point when the age-old adage of “be a man and rub some dirt in it” needs to get some perspective.

No one likes cracked heels and though you may not be the pedicure type, you definitely aren’t loving your cracked heels.  Neither are the ladies in your life!

Apply foot balm or body butter to your heels before you go to bed at night and let it work its magic for you while you sleep. For faster results, wear socks over the cream and see your soft supple skin return in just a few weeks.


True beauty is skin deep

Looking good is important but if you aren’t feeling your best inside, there’s no point.

What you put into your body is equally as important as taking care of the outside of your body.

Turmeric is a natural wonder root that has been used in India for centuries to ward off arthritic and rheumatic arthritis and is even used as a balm (mixed with warm ghee) for inflammation.

It’s easy to incorporate turmeric into your diet by eating a curry dish or drinking turmeric tea.  Here’s a recipe.  Use daily and your joints will be thanking you for the rest of your life.

Now you know why Organic Self Care is so important and how to make it a part of your daily lifestyle easily and quickly! The only thing left to do, enjoy your newfound wisdom.

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Mituri Pradip Sharma is the Marketing/PR & IT Lead for Nim-Véda Australia. A company dedicated to the provision of Organic Based Ayurvedic Personal Care & Certified Organic & Organic High-Quality Gourmet Raw Ingredients.  Ms. Sharma has worked as a Print & Online Journalist for a variety of local Newspapers, News Corp & Australia’s second-largest Publishing House, Express Publications, and actively writes in the Health & Lifestyles space as a freelance journalist. 

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