The holidays just got cozier.

A little more convenient.  Be honest, now!

Home for the holidays has a very different meaning this year.

We have a new opportunity this holiday season to create memories of a lifetime.  Sure, they will be a little different from what we are used to they can still be fun, special, and unforgettable.  It’s the perfect time to create new traditions.

Trust me, I THRIVE at an event. The opportunity for me to get dressed makes my blood pump, my heart skip a beat, and fuels my soul. So I for one, am not going to let staying home for the holidays get me down.  Nor will I surrender to wearing sweatpants all season long.  Are you with me?

Sister… let’s surrender to sequins!

Here are my top tips to look Haute at Home for the Holidays.


Accessorize like your life depends on it!

I get that you may not want to alk around your house in 4-inch heels. But accessories my friend, don’t impact comfort. I want to be comfy at home too, and accessories are one way to really take your look from MEH to mistletoe ready.  Your holiday attire can be a big part of the memories you make this yea.  Click here for some of my favorite accessories perfect for any holiday function.


Show some skin.

I think we can all agree that when we get dressed up we show a little more skin. So instead of just bundling up in your robe, I encourage you to try and show some skin for your at-home look. Wear an off the shoulder sweater or sweatshirt, try a sweater dress, or even a jogger and a deep V-neck or crop top. Click here to shop my favorite skin-baring pieces that will still keep you on the nice list.


Play around with texture.

Add some texture to your look to elevate it without compromising comfort. Instead of just wearing your favorite leggings, opt for a leather pair. Swap your stretch joggers for a satin pair or even your sweatshirt with a chunky knit sweater. Adding texture to a look elevated its visual interest. Click here to shop my favorite pieces that will give you all the feels.


Get glam and have fun with your hair or makeup!

If I am dressed down and add a bold lip, I immediately feel festive! Spend a little more time curling your hair or shading a smokey eye this season. If makeup isn’t your strong suit, maybe this is your opportunity to learn a new skill! I find that YouTube videos can work wonders!


What makes you feel good?

During this holiday season think about what makes you feel good. Is it a fresh blow out? Maybe it’s a new sweater. Whatever it is, carve out a little time for yourself in this season of giving and give to yourself. It’s proven that when you feel good about yourself your mood is elevated. There are a lot of things out of our control, but how we choose to show up this season is certainly not one of them. So sister, let’s choose to show up in style.

Click on the ‘Lookbook’ icon here for some styling inspiration! No time to pull your look together? Contact me here and I’ll help you find the perfect holiday outfit that’s right for you. 

In the meantime check out this guide to destress this holiday.

xo, Ashley


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