Water, the elixir of life, holds incredible power over our well-being. Its influence on our health transcends mere necessity, for the quality of the water we drink holds the key to our vitality. Within this realm, a fascinating dimension awaits exploration—the enigmatic pH of your drinking water. Delve deeper into its mysteries as we uncover the profound impact it has on your very existence. Discover the secrets of your water’s pH, unmasking its effects on your well-being, and learn the art of measuring and fine-tuning this crucial element to harmonize your water supply with your body’s equilibrium.


Understanding pH Levels in Drinking Water

The pH level measures how basic or acidic a substance is on a scale between 0 and 14. A pH level of 7 is considered neutral, while water below level 7 is acidic, and water above 7 is alkaline (or basic). Maintaining a balanced pH in drinking water is essential to support overall health and prevent potential issues.  A level that is too high or too low has various implications for human health. For example, one reason why acidic water is bad for you is because it can create stomach problems. Balanced levels supply vital benefits and mitigate unwanted effects as well.  Here are just a few benefits.

Healthier Skin and Hair

The pH of your tap water affects the health of your skin and hair. An ideal pH level in drinking water should be slightly alkaline to help maintain the body’s natural pH balance, resulting in healthier skin and hair.


Decreased Corrosion and Scale Formation

Extremely low or high levels in water can cause corrosion of pipes and appliances, leading to water contamination with heavy metals like lead and iron.

Diminished Bacterial Growth

At lower pH levels, the chlorine added to the water by utilities as a disinfectant becomes less effective. This can allow harmful bacteria to grow in your water supply.


How To Test Your Drinking Water’s pH Level

To ensure the quality of your drinking water, it’s essential to test its pH level regularly.  Two easy methods ways to test are by using pH strips or a digital pH meter.  When using pH Test Strips, simply dip the strip into your water sample and compare the color change against the provided chart to determine the pH level.   Digital pH Meters provide a fast and accurate means of testing water levels. Both pH strips and digital meters can be found online, at home improvement, or in specialty stores.

Additionally, it’s important to realize that water quality in addition to pH can lead to illness, reproductive issues, and, in some cases, even death. Understanding the factors that could affect your water quality will allow you to keep your home safe and healthy so that you can live a good life.  We discuss this in more detail in this article published in February 2023. 

For a thorough assessment, however, you may want to send your water sample to a professional water quality testing laboratory. They can provide a comprehensive report that includes your water’s pH level and other quality aspects.



How To Adjust Your Drinking Water’s pH Level

If your water’s pH level is off-balance, there are several ways to correct it. Neutralizing filters can balance the pH level by releasing minerals like calcium carbonate. Reverse osmosis systems can help reduce the pH of alkaline water by removing excess minerals. However, if you’re unsure how to proceed, consult with a water treatment specialist to help you determine the best solution.

You can even enjoy the benefits of pH-balanced water on the go by filling a reusable bottle, and when you’re traveling, bring the H2Fuel mobile system along with you.

Understanding what you need to know about the pH of your drinking water is necessary for maintaining optimal health and preventing potential issues. Regularly testing and adjusting the pH level of your water supply will ensure that you and your family enjoy safe and high-quality drinking water.

Dianne Pajo

Dianne Pajo

Dianne Pajo is a Certified Personal Trainer based out of the Chicagoland area with a passion for music, combat sports, and animals. She enjoys competing in amateur boxing and kickboxing, but in her other leisure time, you can find her outdoors and performing music around the city. She is also a dog mom of 2.