In my years of supporting clients with health and wellness, one of the top lifestyle changes that is difficult to stick with is exercise. Most people ditch their exercise routine because they lack motivation or because they are too sore to move. Many people give up before they can see or feel the results of an effective exercise program.

I don’t know about you, but I could use all the help I can get when it comes to working out. From motivation to get out of bed to muscle recovery I am challenged daily to stick to my routine. I discovered one COLD winter morning just how effective Young Living essential oils can be for giving me the boost I needed to get out of bed to workout and it has worked ever since. I found it fascinating how just a few inhalations of Young Living Peppermint essential oil could support circulation to the brain and the body. So I continued to research and explore different Young Living essential oils and blends that would support muscle recovery, motivation, increase circulation, and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal from overexertion. Implementation of my daily essential oil regimen has allowed me to stick to my fitness routine and challenge myself in my daily workouts while working through some of the limitations I have because of arthritis and a lower back injury. With the right combination of essential oils in addition to a fitness program that works with your lifestyle and fitness level, you can achieve your fitness goals, boost your mood, increase your confidence, and feel great.

This live, no-frills, just as I am 3-minute tidbit video has quick tips for boosting your workout including my 12-year old daughter’s favorite Young Living essential oil blend that she likes to diffuse while she is working on her gymnastics routines on the bar and mat.

If you would like a tailored essential oil regimen to help you reach your fitness goals, be sure to contact me to set up an individual consultation where we can discuss your fitness goals and customized blends for your pre and post-workout routine. enJOY!


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Letticia Callies

Letticia Callies

Dr. Letticia Callies (a.k.a. Dr. Joy) is on a mission to spread joy around the world. She helps people who are stuck or overwhelmed by helping them get the results they need to live out their joyful purpose. She uses a combination of evidence-based strategies to help you bounce back when you fall, empower and encourage you in your faith, improve your overall wellness, and help you discover more time to do what you love. Her joyful demeanor and compassionate communication help motivate her clients to make positive changes that simply become second nature.

Dr. Callies is the wife of her best friend for over 20 years; she is a mom to four boys and two girls. She is the founder of JOYFull Inspirations, LLC, an author, homeschool educator, worship dancer, and joy-lettering journalist. She enjoys spending time with her family, sampling tea, leading joy-handlettering Bible studies, and creating healthy recipes in the kitchen.