It is a myth that to live a healthy lifestyle you need willpower and sacrifice.  In reality, it takes neither.  What is required is for you to be smart, open-minded, and brave in order to make changes and create new habits.

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In the past few weeks, I’ve talked with Lori Bryan Woolridge and LuAnn Buechler on their take on the importance of being an SOB.  A strong, open-minded, and brave person.

Lori and LuAnn came up with additional words for the acronym.  Smart, self-love, Open-hearted, optimistic, bold, benevolent.

All-powerful words!

I wondered how this concept related to the LHL Method: Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions and Be Accountable.  As it turns out it absolutely relates!

Here how:

Eat Real Food

This is the basis of everything at LHL. When you eat real food, as close to nature intended you give your body, mind, and spirit the nutrition they need to function at their best.

“Clean, tasty, real foods do not come processed in boxes or bags; they come from the earth, the sea, the field, or the farm.” ~ Suzanne Somers


S  is for…

Here is a situation: You want to enjoy a better diet and eat real food BUT… your family and friends don’t or they mock you, you need to be strong and stick to your plan.

My friend Andrea Beck tells the story of when she started her wellness journey that she would go to football parties and bring her healthy salad.  In the beginning, she would eat a salad in her car to avoid pressure from her friends.  After her new habits kicked she no longer needed to do that because she was strong in her belief, conviction, and in her new healthy lifestyle.  During her transformation, Andrea was smart, open-minded, and brave though she may not have realized it at the time.  Her journey made such a difference in her life that she now coaches others.  Check Andrea out here.

Eating real food is the ultimate in self-love.  By eating nutritious healthy food you are saying that you are important, your body is important and how you think and feel are important.


O is for…

In order to Eat real food, you must be open-minded and embrace new food.  Especially if you have eaten the SAD or MAD diet up until now.  It’s also important to keep an open heart to your family and friends who do not join you on your health journey.  Keep an open heart towards them, be a good example and hopefully, in time they will follow.


B is for…

You must be brave and at times bold to make the good decisions that can change your health and ultimately your life! Brave to be accountable to yourself if you fall off the wagon. It is easy to blame others.   Remember I believe in the 80-20 rule so don’t beat yourself up. That is also accountability.


Let’s summarize:

The simplest way to lie a healthy Happy lifestyle is to follow the LHL method; Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions, and Be Accountable.

While on your journey you will need to be strong- to stay with it and ignore naysays.  It is important to keep an open mind when trying new foods and incorporating lifestyle changes. You must also be brave in order to stay accountable to yourself and to stay the course until the changes you make become habits and are an essential part of your everyday life!

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Until then. Healthy Living, Happy Life!


Denise Stegall
Denise Stegall

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