Eat food.

Not too much.

Mostly plants.

Talk about simple.  And perfect for National Salad Month- check out my fav salad shaker ideas below as well as the 4 Simple Rules to eat healthy!

But first, these guidelines from Micheal Pollan’s book In Defense of Food are exactly what we need to hear in a world of excess with food.  We are the most overfed people in the world, so it’s no wonder we are also so overweight.

But the bigger problem is that we are also grossly undernourished.

Our bodies are amazing but only as amazing as we help them to be.

You see, your body can only work with the information you give it to move, grow, repair, and respond.

When we give it food-like substances (i.e. processed foods), it does not have the vitamins and nutrients it needs to run efficiently and help you flourish. And if what we consume is laden with chemicals, artificial ingredients and inflammatory triggers like gluten, dairy, and sugar, we actually add stress to the body that will impact our health and longevity- more on that next week.

So what’s a girl to do?

I’m so glad you asked

Here are 4 Simple Rules…plus my fav salad shaker ideas



1. Eat REAL FOOD- the kind that doesn’t need an ingredient list.  

To make it easy to create your meals, focus on the FAB4- Protein, Fiber, Fat, Greens. The right proportions- ie ½ Greens, ¼ Protein, ⅛ Fiber, ⅛ Fat.  This formula has endless combinations and works well for any meal- A FAB4 Protein Smoothie for Breakfast.  A FAB4 Salad for Lunch.  A FAB4 Plate for Dinner.

2. Eat at MEALTIMES- planned times spread 4-6 hours apart.

To fully digest, our body needs at least this much time, so when we eat sooner, it actually impacts our blood sugar, metabolism and fat storage.  If you eat enough (to satiety) of the FAB4 at each meal, you shouldn’t feel hungry just 2-3 hours later.  And if you do, drink water first because chances are you’re just dehydrated.


3. Eat SITTING DOWN- on that chair that pulls out from the table.

To slow down our eating, be more mindful and help our digestion, we need to slow things down.  Actually, put food on a plate (we all know what happens when you eat out of a bag), grab a fork and sit down for at least 15 minutes.  And no, sitting on the couch does not count because that screen will distract and you’ll eat more than you realize.


4. Eat MINDFULLY- think about what’s on the end of your fork.

To feel well, we need to eat well.  If we are focusing on real food at a planned time sitting down, this question may have an obvious answer, but it’s still important to ask to get ourselves in the habit of asking it for when we are grabbing a bag out of the pantry and heading to the couch for Netflix…



If our goal is to feel well, reach and maintain a healthy weight and have the energy, health, and longevity to do all that we want to do in life, we just need to make one body-loving choice.

And then do it again, and again, and d again. Make it a lifestyle.  Your future self will thank you.

Let’s have a conversation about how these 4 simple rules can make a difference for you.  Connect with me here and let’s get you looking and feeling your best.


P.S. I didn’t forget…here are some great salad shaker ideas to get you started with eating more plants.  Click here!

Lissa Figgins

Lissa Figgins

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