I’ve can’t tell you how many times someone has exclaimed almost in shock, “they still exist”? whenever I’m asked what I do for a living. Yes, travel agents do exist. We are making a comeback and a difference in the way you travel!

Until the last 20 years if you wanted to go on a trip you had to purchase an airline ticket through a travel agency. There was no other way to do it! Once the internet was born the so-called information highway, many people – the do it yourself-ers decided that the web was the “smarter and faster” way to book travel. As a result, countless brick & mortar travel agencies closed their doors as online travel agencies gained momentum & clientele.

Fast forward to the early 2000s and if you couldn’t “Google” it, it simply didn’t exist. The problem? There’s SO much information on the internet. Too much information and much of it isn’t even accurate!

For example, take a look at these pictures. The first one of the couple walking hand in hand showcases a resort’s beach in the Dominican Republic. The second picture is the same beach!

Couple Strolling Hand in Hand on Beach

Not so Secluded Beach

If my clients told me they wanted a secluded, non-crowded beach and I sent them to tis particular resort based on the first photo that is found directly on the resort’s website, they would be incredibly disappointed when they arrived and realized that it really looks like the second picture. Lots of lounge chairs equal lots of people.

Which brings me to my point, my top 10 reasons you should hire a travel agent instead of booking a vacation on your own through the internet.

1. There is no fee to use an agent for your travel needs – the resorts, tour operators and
hotels pay us a commission!

2. Travel is our area of expertise so we can recommend the perfect property based on your
specific tastes for an amazing experience.

3. Travel agents constantly visit properties to gain first-hand knowledge. We also attend
industry seminars and webinars to keep up to date with the latest updates, deals, and perks in
the travel industry.

4. The internet does not call you back or answer your questions. Your travel agent truly cares
that you have a memorable vacation

5. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it searching for information that we have at our

6. We save you from the stress of booking a trip blindly on your own. Don’t risk wasting your
money or your vacation by choosing a resort may look like a good deal on the internet but in
reality turns out to be the exact opposite!

7. Travel agents have relationships with the resorts and tour operators that can gain you better
travel perks. We even know if a property is under construction.

8 Your travel agent will help you prepare for your trip, point out specific details and remind
you of things you may not think of on your own.

9. Travel agents save you money! We have the most current unpublishes resort and package

10. You can start your vacation with peace of mind because we handle everything for you!

Denise Stegall
Denise Stegall

Hi, I’m Denise Stegall,

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