After four years on South Broadway, Rochester’s Mainstream Boutique is settling into a new location in the TJ Maxx Plaza.

The women’s clothing shop made the move north late last month. The new space gives the growing boutique more room and positions the business closer to other eclectic retailers.

“There’s so much action close by,” said owner Jennelle Stemper. “There are so many great retail stores around here.”
Already, the move appears to be paying off. Sales are up, said Stemper, and each day new people are walking through the door.
“Our customers from over [on Broadway] have been able to find us and are loving our new space,” she said. “And then we are gaining so much traction with people who may have never heard of us because it is so much more convenient.”

The Rochester location is one of more than 70 independently-owned franchises across the country. The stores focus on offering the latest trends at affordable price points.

What separates Mainstream Boutique from other retailers, Stemper said, is the emphasis on customer service. She wants every woman to walk out of her store both looking and feeling great.

“I want you to feel really welcome; I want you to feel really comfortable; and I want you to be treated like you’re walking into my home,” said Stemper. “We also want you to feel really confident when you leave about what you’re wearing.”

To keep things fresh, Mainstream Boutique has a constant flow of new clothes coming into the store. Stemper said she wants to give every woman the opportunity to find something unique.

“I think it speaks to someone’s personality what they’re wearing,” she said. “You have 20 seconds to make a first impression on someone, and I think clothes speak to how you feel on the inside.”

Mainstream is now open seven days a week. The shop will hold a grand opening on October 26 and 27.
You can watch for new styles on Facebook.

Cover photo: Jennelle Stemper / Med City Beat

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