Yes, I love those Retreats, where I sip champagne and only get up from my sun lounger to get a massage. But is that it? I think Wellbeing should be part of our daily lives not only a few days of relaxation and pampering. The benefits never seem to last! Don’t you feel the same?

So I thought of a different approach (and we won an award for it!): Retreats that offer all you would expect: luxury accommodation, stunning venues, and various activities for your to choose from. But also knowledge about nutrition and mindset you can take away and incorporate into your busy life immediately. We share strategies to recover from stressful situations, and which nutrients support your physical and mental health.

We help you to kick-start your wellbeing. You will enjoy menus developed by Carola and cooked by our private Chef, taking delicious and healthy foods to a new level. Led by science, not fads, and without finger-pointing or any food extremism! Fresh, honest food, lovingly prepared and with your wellbeing in mind.

Dr Vikki Barnes will share the science of happiness and what you can do every day to be happier. We will help you build your very own wellbeing toolbox for a healthier body and mind. Full of ideas you take home and incorporate into your busy life. You will learn about positive psychology and the steps you can take to make your body, your brain, your mind, and your life a bit happier! This is what we call long-term wellbeing success!

Our award-winning Retreats are a great way to look after yourself or your team so that everyone can be their absolute best. We have events and experiences planned throughout the year and across the globe which you can book on to by yourself or with your team. We also create bespoke corporate retreats, or events to celebrate a special occasion, exclusively for you.

These wonderful retreats are perfect for switching off, allowing you to refresh and re-group, returning with all the tools you need to be better and healthier. We teach the science behind physical and mental health, for an interesting, effective, and enjoyable wellbeing experience. We believe that this is what won us our last award!

Fully immersive events in beautiful surroundings, with specialist positive psychology and nutrition coaching, inspiring talks, connecting with like-minded people, giving your mind and body a boost… sound good?

Our next wellbeing retreat will be at Richard Branson’s Lodge in Verbier, Switzerland!

Richard Branson’s exclusive resort is exclusively ours for a mountain exploration high in the Swiss Alps for 5 days from 13-16 September 2022. Relax in the indoor pool and outdoor hot tubs, detach with spa treatments and enjoy Michelin-star food… Find more information here

In January 2023 we are planning to go to Keystone, Colorado for a Performance and Ski Retreat and in September 2023, you can join us in Morocco, again in one of Richard Branson’s venues!

Our retreats are always centered around physical and mental wellbeing, and you will walk away with benefits for your body and mind that last!

Watch our little video here and learn more about us and our approach!

All the information about our retreats can be found here. We can’t wait to see you!

Carola Becker

Carola Becker

Carola is a forward-thinking Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, and international speaker.

She designs workplace wellbeing programs with companies and organizations to help create healthier and happier teams. Wellbeing programs are designed around the needs of the organization, and empower people to take responsibility for their way of eating and living: for increased stress resilience, better performance, and mental health.

Carola is an international speaker and presenter, her passion is brain performance and mental wellbeing. Amongst her clients are the European Athletics Coaching Association, and she is a member of the complementary therapies team at University of Exeter. 

Carola also runs luxury wellbeing retreats and corporate away days in the most stunning locations all over the world.

She personally looks after a small number of clients worldwide with her Exclusive Personal Nutrition Coaching.

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