Do you have anything fun and exciting planned for the weekend yet?  How about self-care ideas? Not yet? Why not?

I’m reminded of that old adage that says “failing to plan is planning to fail?”  It’s true. You’ve got to take action to design the kind of life that you want, because otherwise we humans have the tendency to default into habits that don’t serve us. Letting things slide rarely leads to results we feel happy about.

If you’re relating to what I’m saying here, then you might also feel a little stuck in a loop, where the same types of unproductive habits create the same undesirable outcomes.  It can leave you feeling … well … disappointed.  No worries. It’s human nature. But the good news is, the weekend’s just around the corner, and now’s as good a time as any to get started with some different choices.

Today I’d like to encourage you to care for yourself, by helping you plan a weekend that gets you excited!  What type of self-care activity are you missing out on?  Outdoor activities, connecting with friends and family, or slowing down, shutting off the phone, and taking uninterrupted time for yourself?  Most people are good at one of these areas, and really poor in the others.  Each area is very important, so I encourage you to take a moment to reflect, and consider what you really need this weekend.

Once you’re ready, here’s 5 fun ways to add nourishment and joy to your weekend.


1. Exploratory neighborhood walks

Can you believe this display of squashes, pumpkins and gourds?  We discovered it on one of our recent neighborhood walks, which is one of my family’s favorite fall activities.Exploring nearby neighborhoods and communities is a beautiful way to get out of the house without traveling too far, and it expands your sense of community.

You can appreciate and admire the hard work people put into maintaining and beautifying their properties, and also get ideas for your own home environment.


2. Take pictures of natural beauty

Depending on where you live, right now there may be incredible fall colors to enjoy. I’ve been entranced by my plum tree leaves dancing in the wind these days.  If you’re already past the fall colors, then you can appreciate the hearty tall grasses, brush, and tiny bush berries. The wintery environment is more delicate. Have you discovered it?

Take a few pictures and share them on social media. Now there’s a plan!


3. Reach out and touch someone

Depending on your personality, you might be really good at this, or you might be feeling guilty about how terrible you are at keeping in touch.  If you’re not good (like me), then let me encourage you!  Your friends and family love you. They would love to spend time with you. They are waiting for you right now to reach out and share with them.  What a great way to  experience self-care and it doesn’t cost a thing.

When you give yourself the gift of connecting with others, the healing that can come from it, without you even trying, is one of the great wonders of being human.  You could choose to experience love this weekend through human connection.


4. Declutter and closet swap

Giving away things that are no longer needed is a freeing experience for the soul!  Switching up your summer clothes for winter ones is a great opportunity to do exactly this.  Clearing out clutter is a beautiful form of self-care. It brings mental clarity and calm. Giving to charity helps others too.


5. Cook something nurturing and tasty

Plan to cook something nurturing and tasty for yourself this weekend.  Visit my food blog, find a couple recipes you’re excited about, then make a shopping list and plan when you’ll cook.  When you actually cook, give yourself that time, relax, and enjoy the process.When you’re actually present and mindful with your cooking, your food is going to taste that much better!

Since I know that finding recipes can be a challenge, let me recommend a few of my favorites for the fall season.


That’s it for today.

Whatever you decide, celebrate that you’ve considered it, and made the best decision for yourself at this time.  Every time you make a conscious choice to take care of your self-care needs, you’re setting yourself up for success in reaching your health goals!

Here’s to a nurturing and joyful weekend ahead!

Andrea Hayley-Sankaran

Andrea Hayley-Sankaran

Andrea Hayley-Sankaran is the founder of Good Gut Ayurveda, a certified Ayurvedic Digestive Health Coach, and creator of Happy Eater, a 6-week program that helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and professionals take control of their health, and unlock their energy, freedom, and FLOW.

Andrea is a vegetarian chef of 25 years who’s known as the “joyful chef” because of her infectious love for cooking. Students rave about their cooking class experiences as they experience her signature mindful approach to cooking and eating. They especially appreciate learning how to cook vegetarian food that tastes so amazing they don’t miss the meat.

Through her programs, coaching, writing, and speaking, Andrea empowers her community to find balance and attain health and healing through individualized diet and lifestyle habits informed by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.