The holiday season is upon us, a time traditionally brimming with joy, connection, and celebration. Imagine the scene: homes adorned with sparkling lights, tables laden with festive foods, and laughter echoing in warmly decorated rooms. Yet, amidst these cheerful decorations and delectable treats, many find themselves ensnared in a complex web of stress and anxiety. The familiar challenges arise – the pressure of orchestrating perfect gatherings, navigating intricate family dynamics, and striving to maintain health and well-being amidst the seasonal hustle. These demands can sometimes cast a shadow over the bright spirit of the holidays.

But what if this year marked a turning point? What if you could steer your holiday experience away from the stormy seas of stress and towards the serene shores of harmony and celebration? We believe this transformation is not just possible but within your grasp.

Here are some essential tips to guide you on this journey:

1. Embrace a Personalized Approach to Stress Management

Remember, there is no universal solution for handling stress. It’s about finding what resonates with you and integrating those practices into your holiday routine.


2. Manage Your Energy, Not Just Your Time

The holidays are a marathon, not a sprint. Learn to pace yourself, recognizing when to engage and when to take a step back for rejuvenation.


3. Understand Boundaries vs. Requests

Knowing the difference can be transformative. Setting boundaries is about self-respect while making requests involves seeking cooperation from others.


4. Perception Shapes Your Stress Level

How you view a situation greatly influences the stress it generates. Reframing your perspective can significantly reduce stress impact.


5. Listen Intently, Without Judgment

Effective communication is key. Listen to understand, not to respond. This approach can defuse tensions and deepen connections.

For those feeling overwhelmed by family gatherings or social events, there’s a beacon of hope. We invite you to engage with Carlee Myers, the innovator behind The Stress Less Company. In a revealing interview, Carlee shares her insights and strategies for navigating the holiday season with grace and composure.

Don’t let stress dictate your holiday experience. Embrace these insights and join us in reimagining a holiday season filled with more peace, understanding, and joyous celebration.

Denise Stegall

Denise Stegall

Meet Denise E. Stegall, the CEO and Curator of Living Healthy With 25 years of experience and study in nutrition, cooking, exercise, and coaching, she helps female entrepreneurs and businesswomen curate a healthy, happy, and productive life.

As an inspirational thought leader, Denise provides honest, research-backed information on health, wellness, personal development, and fun for real-life application. Her platform, Living Healthy List, is a go-to community for health and wellness resources, empowering positive changes and creating the life you want.

Denise’s background in nutrition and her philosophy of “Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions, and Be Accountable” shaped her International Best Seller, “Healthy Living, Happy Life: A Practical Path to Finding the Healthy Lifestyle That Works for You!”

She goes beyond her book and Living Healthy List to offer “Forever Wellness Lifestyle ,” a groundbreaking group coaching model with individualized roadmaps for true health, balance, stress management, confidence, and an uplifting lifestyle. Denise E. Stegall is devoted to empowering individuals to embrace holistic well-being and fulfillment.

“Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be hard! “