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Forever Wellness Lifestyle Program

A 3-Month Lifestyle Program with Denise Stegall, Nationally-recognized Wellness Expert and Author


Where Women come to transform their health & happiness
without the sugar-coating

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

  • You’re at a point in life where you’re ready to focus on you.
  • Your kids are older. Maybe you’re a new empty nester, and you’re ready to get healthy, get organized, and find a more fulfilling career path.
  • You want to find a healthy lifestyle that works for you and fits into your busy schedule without a lot of hassle and stress about what you should or should not be eating.
  • You want more stamina, and energy to do the things you enjoy. You want to be the grandma who is playing with the kids rather than watching them play.
  • You’ve put others first for so long and now it’s time to focus on what you want and reach your personal and professional and physical goals.

Forever Wellness Lifestyle Program


  • Forever Wellness Foundation program
  • Mental Fitness Training with Positive Intelligence
  • 12-month access to Vigaroom wellness platform. Our all-in-one wellness app & community
  • 12 months of accountability, support, and weekly connection call with Denise Stegall
  • Monthly Masterclass with guest experts

Imagine waking up each day feeling excited, full of energy, and ready to take on the world!

Imagine showing up as the confident woman you were meant to be, with more time to focus on what truly matters.

With the principles outlined in my book, “Healthy Living Happy Life: A Practical Path to Finding a Healthy Lifestyle That Works for You,” I’ve created a membership program designed specifically for you.

Our 3-month deep dive will help establish the foundation for building a healthy, happy life that aligns with your values and fits into your unique schedule. We’ll focus on identifying areas that might be neglected or take up too much of your attention, setting goals towards achieving balance in every aspect of your life.

3-Step System

Inside Forever Wellness you will master Denise Stegall’s 3-Step System, which, in short, means you’re going to discover and implement practical, actionable strategies to shift your mindset and create tangible changes in your life—changes that leave you feeling better and living better.

Eat Real Food!

Eating Real food is a transformative step towards achieving forever wellness. It all begins by choosing the most nutritious foods that fuel your body, give you the energy you are lacking, heal your tummy troubles and help you lose or maintain a healthy weight. No dieting or skipping dessert required!

Make Good Decisions

Making good decisions is a fundamental cornerstone of forever wellness, as it positively influences every area of your life. By consistently making choices that align with your core values, you enjoy, emotional wellbeing, mental clarity and focus, stronger relationships, career success and personal fulfillment and happiness. Unlock the potential for forever wellness, creating a life filled with purpose, joy, and holistic well-being.

BE Accountable

Personal accountability forms the bedrock of forever wellness, By integrating Positive Intelligence practices into daily life, you can enhance your personal accountability. Through self-awareness, a positive mindset, an internal locus of control, mental fitness, constructive self-talk, and a supportive community, you will feel empowered to take ownership of your choices, align them with your values and goals, and ultimately achieve personal accountability for life long well-being.

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Uncover and replace unhealthy habits to empower you to change your life.
  • Find an eating style that works for you, aligning with your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.
  • Lose weight without skipping dessert
  • Life-changing family meal planning that can help you save time and reduce chaos.
  • Learn how to exercise in a way that can be enjoyable and improve your energy levels, relationships, and confidence.
  • Live with intention, so that each element of your day ties into your values and goals.
  • Improve your sleep quality, which can improve your mood, relationships, and productivity.
  • Get past mindset traps to become unstoppable in achieving your goals.
  • Discover and implement practical, actionable strategies to shift your mindset and create tangible changes in your life.
  • Access to a team of health and wellness experts and a supportive community to guide and encourage you along the way.

What You Will Discover:

The Truth About Dieting

If you’ve struggled to make diets work for you, long-term, you’re probably implementing diets and eating styles that don’t align with your goals. The good news is that together, we can find an eating style that works for you—for your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle.

You’ll discover:

✅ Why all those diets you’ve tried haven’t worked, and what to do instead, so you can finally quit dieting, enjoy eating again, and feel healthier and more

✅How to truly tune in to your body and give it what it needs to feel great. Enjoy more energy and vitality! energized.

✅A variety of eating styles; choose one that works for you, so you can finally put an end to dieting.

✅ How to implement your new eating plan for faster, easier decision making that saves you time and money.




The Magic of Family Meal Planning

If you’re already overwhelmed and frazzled, family meal planning might feel like another hassle—an extra “to-do” on your already-crowded list. Believe it or not, planning and prepping your meals and aligning them with your eating style is life-changing.

You’ll discover:

 ✅Step-by-step advice for family meal planning and how to employ it for more quality family time (especially around the table!), a smaller grocery bill, and more confidence.

✅ How family planning can actually improve family culture. ✅Why planning your meals can improve your self-control and self-awareness, and give you back your power.



How to Get Active (No Matter What You’ve Told Yourself)

I’ve spoken to hundreds of women through my coaching, and the majority of them say they haven’t exercised … they don’t have time; there are too many people at the gym; they can’t stick to a routine on their own … you name it, I’ve heard it. The truth is, to achieve whole health, you must exercise! And it can be enjoyable while improving your energy levels, relationship, and confidence.

You’ll discover:

 ✅ Practical advice to finally get your body moving and reap the benefits: more energy, better moods, better fitness, and more confidence in all areas.

✅ The one thing you must do if you ever want to enjoy exercise (and you know you want to!).
✅ A proven method to get your body moving … and help you reconnect with a physical activity you love.



How to Ditch the Chaos and Live with Intention

So many of my clients feel disorganized, frazzled, and forgetful. I get it. I’ve been there. The solution is simple: live with intention, so that each element of your day ties into your values and goals. Although it is simple, I know it can be hard to implement. That’s why I’m sharing my proven methods.

You’ll discover:

✅ What’s behind your disorganization, forgetfulness, last-minute planning, and stress, and a powerful method for getting organized, increasing productivity, and improving performance, so you can reduce stress and find enjoyment in the day-to-day.
✅ How to develop clarity on your priorities; specifically, what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing, so that you can let go of the things that leave you feeling overwhelmed and live with more calm and inner peace.
✅ A proven and easy-to-implement organizational system that takes only minutes a day … yet it will save you hours of frustration.
✅ How to replace overwhelm, stress, and disorganization with inspiration, energy, excitement, and passion.

How to Improve Your Sleep Quality, and Your Life

The busy-ness and chaos that infuse your life are killing your sleep. That’s making you fatigued and irritable, and unable to live with the joy you crave. The good news is that you can take action to improve your sleep quality, which will in turn improve your life, from your mood and relationships to your productivity. 

You’ll discover:

✅ The real reasons you don’t sleep well, and techniques for finally getting those zs! You’ll feel more energized, less stressed, and clearer and more focused.
✅ How to set up personalized sleep and morning routines that fit your lifestyle and your goals. Get the rest you need to live like you want to.
✅Any more teaching points here?

How to Get Past Mindset Traps so You Can Thrive

If you’ve struggled to reach your health (and other) goals, chances are you’ve created mindset traps for yourself. These can stop you from going after and achieving what you really want. With the right mindset in place and the accountability to follow through, you can become unstoppable!

You’ll discover:

✅How to identify the mindset traps that bankrupt your energy and impact your relationship with others and yourself, so you can free yourself from them, reach your goals, and live happier.
✅ How to empower yourself to see and take opportunities, create authentic relationships, and enjoy your life to the fullest … finally!
✅ Which boundaries are crucial to set if you want to achieve optimal health and well-being in all areas of your life, and how to set them (with yourself and others).
✅ Why gratitude is so important and how to practice it, so you can experience true joy.




What Makes Forever Wellness… Well, FOREVER?

Inside Forever Wellness you will master Denise Stegall’s 3-Step System, which, in short, means you’re going to discover and implement practical, actionable strategies to shift your mindset and create tangible changes in your life—changes that leave you feeling better and living better.

Mental Fitness

At Forever Wellness, we offer a unique approach to lifelong healthy habits through mental fitness training. Our program addresses the root cause of self-sabotage by recognizing and addressing negative thoughts and saboteurs!

Address Negative Emotions

Using the five sage powers, we effectively address negative emotions that hinder sound health decisions. The research-based tools, developed by Shirzad Chamine, strengthen your brain’s positive functions, reducing stress, improving decision-making which allows you to experience life-changing transformations like improved communication and stringer relationships.

Unlock Your Power!!

Join Forever Wellness and unlock the power of mental fitness for lifelong health!

About Denise E. Stegall

As a Lifestyle Coach for women, I provide a personalized approach to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. You’ll finally have the tools and support to flourish in life! Unlike traditional programs , my proven system focuses on sustainable changes that you’ll actually enjoy, so you can say goodbye to the cycle of quick fixes and hello to a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

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    What People are saying…

    It’s been great working with Denise. Through her guidance, I have had a few “ah ha” moments that have helped me push through those stumbling blocks that were keeping me from being focused on my new path forward. The accountability piece has been a huge plus for me. Cindy D.!” Cindy D. 

    “I am so grateful to Denise for her insight and encouragement as I journey to a more healthy lifestyle, along with positive perspective on my life and wellness overall. She truly cares about the individual and each person’s personal path to healthy, and happy, living. I highly recommend working with Denise.” Micki S. 

    “Denise gives great advice about ways to improve your health and live a happy, full life. Her suggestions are useful and make such a positive difference! She is a wealth of knowledge and has lots and lots of common sense!” Suzanne K.

    Forever Wellness Lifestyle Program Bonuses:

    Healthy Living, Happy Life Book

    Healthy Living, Happy Life: A Practical Path To Finding the Healthy Lifestyle That Works for  YOU!  This book became a  #1 international bestseller in six countries across multiple health and fitness categories. 

    Gut Matters EBook

    Imagine feeling energized, vibrant, and truly alive.  If you’re tired of the constant battle with your health and longing for a breakthrough, this eBook, 4 Ways to Optimize your Digestion to boost your Second Brain to Improve Mood, is your golden ticket to a revitalized and thriving you. 

    Free Chapter of Healthy Thinking, Happy Life Book

    Healthy THINKING, Happy Life you can, Master Your Mindset and Get $#it Done!

     A resource you can use daily to get organized, clean up your diet, connect with your intuition, experience gratitude, and raise your vibration

    5 Tips To Make Your Salad Taste Incredible

    Reconnect to Your Health Recipe Guide

    Take control of your health by planning meals and eating real food.   The Reconnect to Your Health Recipe Guide is a resource that allows you to focus on your wellbeing in a holistic way: eat real food, make good choices and be accountable.  A gift for you!

    Now, you’re probably wondering how much the Forever Wellness Lifestyle Program costs.

    I would love for you to consider it an investment rather than a cost.

    It WILL pay off in terms of your overall health and happiness.

    That being said, how much is it worth to you to know that you’ll finally have the information, inspiration, and support to get and stay healthy, and even reach your personal goals around relationships, career, and more?

    I know from my own experience that it’s priceless.

    The investment for the 3-month Forever Wellness program is regularly $3997.

    If you sign up by October 28, 2023, it is $1997.

    The Best Healthy Snacks for an Active Lifestyle

    I want you to know that you CAN have that life you wish for.

    You can increase your satisfaction and happiness. You have more power than you think!

    It does take work … both in changing your mindset and habits and in implementing new habits and sticking with them, but it’s absolutely possible—especially when you have the information, strategies, and guidance, and support to implement everything you learn.